Hooray! I'm Normal!

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great past week and enjoyed St. Patty's Day. I had a different reason to celebrate on Thursday, I got my completed "after" blood work back. I'm happy to report the possibility of man boobs, a higher voice, and emotional roller coasters are all OFF the table! My testosterone is successfully back to normal at 607!

Just a quick recap of the events, my "before" blood tests revealed that my testosterone was 615, which was a very good number. Thirty days later, and 20 lbs. more lean mass, my levels dropped to 298? (FYI, Normal Range: 280-900) So technically, I was "within normal" BUT I was in a downward spiral that raised some alarms. My hypothesis was my over-consumption of flax. So, I cut out flax and 2 weeks later my levels went back to 607! That's a doubling in 2 weeks, which is pretty epic in itself, unless the lab test was faulty (another plausible, but less likely scenario).

Top -pb

I will report that I feel much more grounded, if that makes any sense. It's hard to describe but I feel like I have my "will power" back, and when I need to pull a long day of studying I can now, whereas 2 weeks ago I felt "funky" and "unmotivated." Whether or not that is just a placebo will remain a mystery, but I'm just happy I got my T levels back to normal because I could really use it gearing up for the next 27 days leading into final exams.  

Dunk Contest

On the bucket list front, my buddy Kendall, who played Div 3 college basketball, has put together a 10-week plyometric workout to see if I can jam a volleyball! Jamming anything has been a goal of mine since I quit basketball in the 9th grade because I was 5'0" tall. I have, of course, grown since then, but my maximum jump ever is just clipping the rim. In short, this is going to be an athletic performance experiment and come the beginning of next tri I will attempt the "impossible" and try to jam a volleyball for the first time in my life - not long after I thought jamming was going to be one of those things that stay permanently on the list. Cheers to zero gravity!

March Madness, Adjusting, and Dave's Birthday

On the social front, this past weekend was really fun. On Friday, a bunch of us got together and played a little Texas Hold'em (I placed second behind Steve). Steve = GOOD. I haven't played poker since high school, back in the days when Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event and catapulted everyone and anyone to think they could play at a high level with little to no previous experience (if you played poker in high school you know what I'm talking about). My only good poker skill is that I can read people pretty good, but the one skill I've lost is figuring out the odds and combinations of hands that the other players could have based on the flop and turn. Either way I was happy to double my money as it will pay for tutoring next week!  

I'd also like to give a shout out to Canadian Dave! Happy 25th Birthday! We celebrated his birthday on Friday after poker and then laid low all day Saturday and watched March Madness and practiced adjustments for the better part of 5 hours. 

That's it for me this week. Hope everyone starts enjoying the somewhat warmer weather! 

- CC