Wow, What a Week!

As I write this Sunday night, I feel like this week was blurred into two weeks because of our snow day! Let's recap for both our sakes:

  • We got the 3rd biggest snowstorm in Chicago's history, which permitted a SNOW DAY on Wednesday! (Note my car picture above!)
  • Thursday night Frat played whirly ball! 
  • The SuperBowl 
  • Our first test of the trimester 
  • Audra's bday!

That's a pretty jam-packed week in my book! 

What is Whirly Ball?

Thought you would never ask! To be frank, it's the greatest game you've never heard of. Someone clearly sat down with a bunch of kids and said how could we make the greatest game that nobody has invented yet? One kid said bumper cars, another basketball, and yet another lacrosse. Yes, you are reading this correctly. Whirly Ball is the child of that crazy idea in someone's head and gave me one of the best nights of competitive "bumper car-while-throwing-balls-into-a-hollowed-out-backboard" that I've ever had!

Christian -whirlyball

As can be expected, there were lots of laughs, a few bruises, plenty of trash talking, and one victor (not my team haha). The highlight is definitely when you score. The netting lights up and you raise your hands in victory only to realize you now don't have control over your bumper car going full speed (with no brakes) and you crash into the boards seemingly breaking your legs, yet the adrenaline of what you just experienced makes it feel like pure euphoria! 

Snow Day

Snow days are always bittersweet at National because (I'm told) we never have classes cancelled, and even though it feels like a free day, it's not, and you better be studying or you'll slip behind. With that said, I chose to take the snow day off anyway and grind hard the next day (haha). On a random note, I did shimmy across the freshly snowed field in front of Lincoln the words, "Got Snow?" in case anyone was wondering who did that! The picture is from my friend's apartment on the third floor. 

Christian -snow

Tests Around the Corner

The first test of Tri 2 goes to neurophysiology and I did very well because everyone says you have to hit that test out of the park and ride the rest of the scores home because they get a ton harder from here to finals. Sweet I guess? With midterms right around the corner, this week will be mostly work and no play for me. Sigh. 

SuperBowl Ad Flop

Of course, a big congrats to all the Packers fans out there (Kenz & Jill). Aaron Rodgers is the man and I'm happy he doesn't have to answer another Brett Favre question again. I can guarantee the Pats will be back with a vengeance next year!

Last but not least, did anyone notice that this was the second straight year with abysmal SuperBowl ads and that the coolest thing about the half time show was the people with crazy light jackets? Next year's Halloween costume anyone? 

See y'all next week,