Need a Place to Live Next Trimester

Hello, everyone! 

This is our last blog of the fall trimester, which means CHRISTMAS BREAK IS UPON US! I have 3 finals this week and 5 next week, and then I'm on a plane back to Boston! I'm incredibly excited to see my family, see some old friends, and work on a few side projects (more on this below).

I often get asked, "Christian, where are the best places to live? I'm new and I'm from out of town." SHAMELESS PLUG: I live in a sweet house right across the street from campus and my two 10th tri roomies are graduating and becoming docs--which means I have 2 open rooms for rent! Rent is $550 and it's a way better deal than taking an apartment in the area for $800+. If you're a student or incoming student and need a place to live, EMAIL ME:

Anyways, back to school.

Functional Movement Screens

2011-12-5_bookcover2If you have never heard of Gray Cook and you're interested in doing some rehab or reducing injuries or pain in your office (yes, that should be all chiros), you need to check out his new book, Movement: Functional Movement Systems: Screening, Assessment, Corrective Strategies. It is a big book on functional movement screening.

There are natural movements that normally functioning (biomechanically efficient and pain-free) humans can perform. Cook ingeniously lays out the way to assess, score and correct muscular imbalances. Although he is a physical therapist, it is groundbreaking for manual medicine practitioners because he gives a baseline on where you need to be looking. Treat the dysfunction, not the pain.

As Dr. Rich Ulm used to say to us in first tri, "He who treats the site of pain is lost and so are his patients." Very powerful stuff. Of course, chiros have a few different toolsets to impart in fixing dysfunctions. All professionals have the goal of getting the patient out of pain and into the proper motion pattern as fast as possible. Gone are the days of "3 times a week for the remainder of your life." Chiropractors need to shake that negative image. Getting superior results is a good start.

I bought Movement  as my Christmas present to myself. Nerdy? Yes. Do I care? Nope! I live for this stuff.

Study hard and enjoy your break! I'll see you in 2012 if the world doesn't end! ;)