After Graduation

Editor's Note: John Cress, DC, formerly appeared in this spot as a student blogger for the DC program. Christian has relinquished his space to his friend John for some words of wisdom from an NUHS grad.

John CressHello again future chiropractic students. For those of you who do not follow the NUHS web logs, I am Dr. John Cress, a past blogger and a December 2010 graduate. Prior to NUHS, I earned a bachelor's degree in sports medicine and was a certified massage therapist.

Let me first say that I had a wonderful and positive experience during my time at National. For a small town guy from the Appalachian Mountains, it was quite the jump moving to Lombard, Illinois. The experience I gained from working as an intern under Drs. Mark Hartsuyker, Anna Jurik, and Bruce Hodges has prepared me very well for my career. 

Currently, I am teaching anatomy, physiology and kinesiology at the Universal Spa Training Academy (USTA), a massage school in Downers Grove, Illinois. As my first teaching position, I have leaned on my experience being a student and have shown the same compassion and integrity that I have learned from the anatomy faculty at NUHS.  

I am also an initial reviewer for CID Management, which provides utilization and peer review services to support a company's workers' compensation organization. As a reviewer, I have capitalized on the training I learned during the Evidence Based Practice class. This training has not only helped me in my position at CIDM, but also helped guide my practice. 

Finally, I am very close to opening Active Care Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in downtown Arlington Heights, Illinois, with co-owner and NUHS alumni Dr. Amanda Karm. You can find us on the web at It has been a very challenging and rewarding journey from first tri student to business owner.

My advice for future students is something I learned from Dr. Sue Darby and that I tell my own students. "It is only 15 weeks. Fifteen weeks for the semester and then you are one step closer to your goal. Practice time management and do your best to stay in the moment. This will not only make you a better student, it will also make you a better doctor." Good Luck!!