Chiro Games 2011

WOW! What a blast!! We all went to Chiro Games this past weekend in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and I must say I almost didn't come back! (jk..or am I?) 

A quick background on Chiro Games: It's held once a year in November down in Florida where all the chiropractic schools (18 of them) send intramural sports teams (softball, flag football, volleyball, swimming, soccer, etc.) to compete in a giant tournament and claim the 'quasi honor' of Chiro Games' champion. Your school's teams can take it as seriously (weekly practices) or not seriously (show up buzzed) as you want. The best part is that it's a great excuse to go down to Florida with a bunch of your classmates, meet other chiropractic students from around the country, and enjoy the weather, some good competition, the beach, and not worry about classes.


I participated on the softball team (co-ed only) that brought a studly team down there and played extremely well, but just ran into a few schools that looked like they brought double A minor league teams. We started out well beating the first team 15-0. Then one team (Logan) hit 16 homeruns against us and we lost 37-23. Is that a basketball score? Yup, they must have recruited guys to Chiro Games lol. Anyway, we played and had an epic comeback in our first playoff game Sunday, only to lose in the quarterfinals in a nail-biter of a game.


I almost didn't go on this trip with a tight budget, but looking back, I'm so excited I did. So many stories (many of them I cannot share publicly :), great camaraderie, and strengthening relationships with your fellow classmates you'd never thought you'd get a chance to do. Solid time.

I'll leave you with an inside joke you won't get unless you were on the trip...."Oh, your sausage legs..." BHAHA