Tri Mixer + Iowa = Modern Chiros?

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Beep Beep Beep… The ridiculous noise is coming from my alarm clock and as I reach for the '5 more minutes button' it reads: 4:30am Saturday morning. Blaaa. Two things: it means I got about 4 hours of sleep after Friday night's Tri Mixer; and it also means time to drive to Davenport, Iowa, (Palmer Chiro College) for a Lumbo Pelvic Seminar. 

First Tri Mixer  

If you're wondering how I calculated my ridiculous 'math' equation above, I think it is appropriate to start with the Tri Mixer. I'm supposed to write this blog towards a prospective student of National, so I'll give a quick explanation before the good stuff. First Tri Mixer is a party held on the 2nd Friday of each new trimester and is designed, I believe, mainly for the first tri students to have a fun night out, but the whole school is invited, so it ends up being a blast. They held it at Rita's (a dance club/bar) not far from National the last two tris. 

I had a blast at the last one, however my game plan changed for this one. Given the impending early wakeup call, I opted for a long pre-mixer with a bunch of my friends at Tricia's house (shout out to all my friends :), and just dropped them off at Rita's so they could save money on a cab (yes, I was the DD) and so I could function somewhat the next day - after all, a chiropractic adjustment is a high velocity / LOW amplitude impulse and you need some sleep to do that!  

Iowa and the Father 

This was my second seminar sponsored by National so far and definitely a different breed from the Lower Quadrant one last tri. "Lumbar Spine & Pelvis Analysis & Adjustive Technique" was the full name of the seminar at a venue right next to Palmer CC in Davenport, Iowa, with Dr. Leonard Faye, who many call the 'Father' of the Motion Palpation Institute as the instructor. 

Dr. Faye has been practicing for 50 years and pioneered a more functional view of the spine and the idea of a Modern Chiropractic Movement. To elaborate, in his intro presentation, which is one of the best talks I've witnessed, he spoke about how the BOOP (bone out of place) theory is complete crap (for lack of a better term). He went on to quote study after study that show that although the adjustments work, they work for different reasons than we thought in the past.

He explained that we have to evolve our thinking, because most of the public and some chiropractic schools (National not being one) still believe that a subluxation is literally a bone moved 'out' of place. To grossly over-summarize, a subluxation is not a BOOP, it is a joint segment/articulation that is hypomobile or restricted. The whole basis of Motion Palpation's teachings is to palpate the segments that don't move well and adjust them accordingly so the body can readapt to a properly functioning structure. It's that simple, the scientific literature backs it and more importantly it WORKS PHENOMENALLY, and the general population and MD's are noticing.  

Seminar Treats and Bucket List Crossing

Saturday night we went out with some students from Palmer and Dr. Faye to a favorite local restaurant. Get this: Their drink special was a BACON Bloody Mary. I almost fell out of my seat. A Bacon Bloody Mary??? Quickly seizing the opportunity to combine my favorite food and an epically unique experience to add (and subsequently cross off) my bucket list, I ordered one! When in Iowa… do as the Iowans do! To add to the amazing food, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Dr. Faye himself and got to share stories about hockey (He's from Canada, eh'!) and pick his brain on philosophies, practice building, and life in general. Definitely a memorable weekend and an experience I will draw upon for years to come.  

Philosophy 102: Confessions of a 2nd Tri 

On the ride back from Iowa, Erick and I (Ben passed out in the back lol) were engaged in a variety of topics from the Food Inc. movie (rent it now) to "Return on Education" to "Upbringings."  

All that philosophizing inspired me to say this: For all you future (and younger, current) National students out there, my advice to you is this… DO EXTRACURRICULAR STUFF. Period. You want to be good? Go to National. Want to be great? Go to National and apply yourself to extra skills outside of your requirements. You don't have to take my inexperienced word for it, take Dr. Faye's word for it. He's been successfully practicing for 50 years and has been on a mission to make students (and docs) better by giving them additional information than they are not taught at chiropractic school to help them earn a professional income. I will say that National does a better job than the rest of the schools and I don't know if that will rub people the wrong way, but hey, it's my blog. 

Deep Thought of the Day

So what do you want out of your future life? Do you want to be Great? Average? Some do and that's totally fine. If you want more… do more, practice more, shadow more, study more, learn more. EVOLVE. Evolve into the MODERN Chiropractor. 

Dr. Faye talked ad nauseam about the Modern Chiropractic 'Movement' that's going on right now and how we can be a part of it. A modern chiropractor has tools the general public has never seen before. They're NOT here to just go CRACK, CRACK, okay you're done, 40 bucks please. The Modern Chiropractor is evidenced based, reads the literature, understands that effective patient care is a left-brained science with right-brained compassion artfully sprinkled in. We are in it an exciting time in all our lives where the sky quite literally is the limit. 

I will leave you with a great quote from one of the top chiropractic students I know, "If I'm already going to spend a ton of money on school, I'd rather leave school with the extra skills that will differentiate me and make me (and my practice) great with 150k in debt than have 140k in debt and just be good." Make no mistake, National is the Harvard of alternative medicine and WILL make you Good, but to be Great, look within and ask what you are capable of… my bet is more than you think!   

Pura Vida.