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Midterms and Pride

Here I am in week eight, and I have no idea where the time has gone. This week marked the start of midterms with Clinical Natural Medicine and Dermatology exams.

Clinical Natural Medicine is comprised of weekly case studies in which I need to come up with differential diagnoses, treatment plans, and any other health concerns the patient may be facing. The exam was a similar format with a series of case studies that I needed to figure out lab tests, diagnoses, medical imaging, and possible treatments that would work for that patient. The Dermatology midterm consisted of mostly images of different skin conditions followed by treatments for those conditions.

I only have one more midterm next week in my Jurisprudence class, and after that I'm finished with midterms. That is such a large change from midterms in past trimesters, where it seemed to be a never-ending month long marathon of exams.


I was duty intern in Student Clinic this week. Duty intern is a rotation that each intern needs to do twice each trimester. During this rotation, you are in charge of checking patients into their treatment rooms and keeping the clinician informed on when patients arrive, if they don't show, and when they are finished with treatment. You also have duties around the rest of clinic including doing laundry, stocking rooms, and prepping for the next shift.


This week was also very historic with Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act both being struck down by the United States Supreme Court. The statement "Equal Justice Under the Law" that sits above the entrance of the Supreme Court was finally upheld for lesbian and gay couples in the U.S. As a gay man and a man lucky enough to have a loving partner of many years, these decisions were very moving.


As a very exciting end to the week, we joined in the Chicago Pride celebration and parade on Sunday with good friends. The city of Chicago had record numbers; over one million people graced the streets of the Uptown and Lakeview neighborhoods for the parade. It was very neat to see the mixing pot of people there to show support for the LGBT community, celebrate, and show their true colors.