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Palmer Mansion

In all the stress and excitement surrounding boards, I forgot to write about the tour of the Palmer Mansion last weekend. After I finished with the radiology exam on Friday morning, I had some time to kill so I decided to go on the Palmer Mansion tour. Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer is the founder of chiropractic medicine and his son B.J. Palmer is the developer of the chiropractic profession. The Palmer family has a very long legacy of promoting and furthering the profession as a whole. The mansion, which is a part of the Palmer College campus, was home to B.J. Palmer, his wife Mabel Heath Palmer, and their children. They donated the mansion to the college, and in 1984 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 


The mansion is very unique, with a large porch that wraps around the front of the house, and three floors that exhibit the Palmer family art/travel collections. The family loved to travel and had a particular love for China. Displayed throughout the house are pictures from their travels, Chinese sculptures, other religious art pieces, and gifts from several U.S. presidents.  It was a fascinating tour that gave a glimpse into the Palmer family world. They had a love for not only chiropractic medicine and art, but also music, literature, writing, and radio. 

Later on in the week, I had an outreach event at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. The event was called Clinicians Working Together -- Managing Back Pain in Our Community. At the event there were presentations from the head of neurosurgery, pain management physicians, and chiropractors. The event was also a great opportunity for MDs and DCs to network, discuss treatment, and set up possible referral networks. Since I will be working a few blocks from the Advocate hospital, it was a great chance for me to meet fellow doctors and have them get to know me. 

The rest of the week was filled with orientation for my new job at The Container Store on North Ave. The Container Store has been on the Fortune Top 100 Best Companies to Work For the past 14 years. They are very proud of their employee-first culture. By having happy employees, they feel the customers will be better taken care of and given outstanding customer service. During my first week at the store, it is very evident that this is the case!