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First Patients, Food, and Flowers

As of this week, I have now had my first few patients in student clinic. I remember back in first trimester when I went into Student Clinic as a patient for my freshman physical, and I thought it would take forever to finally get there. But let me tell you, it all flies by and before you know it, you are sitting down with your first real patient. The patient encounters have been going well with the only hiccups being the paperwork involved. It's definitely a learning process figuring out what forms need to be filled for what patients. I have a feeling in a few weeks the paperwork will no longer be an issue, and my focus can be dedicated to patients and treatment.  

I had the opportunity to write a treatment plan and treat my first patient this week under the supervision of my attending clinician. All the evaluation and management class skills are now becoming second nature after simulated patients last trimester and student clinic patients this trimester. Already this week, I have had a chance to do several physical exams, therapeutic exercises, chiropractic manipulative therapy, and physiotherapy with my patients. 

One class I found really interesting this week was Jurisprudence. Jurisprudence teaches us about business/medical law and malpractice. The first day of the class our professor, Dr. Hogan, had everyone write down their fears about either opening a practice and/or malpractice. This week he went through what everyone wrote and explained what actually would happen if that fear were a reality. For me, it calmed a lot of the fears and concerns I have coming out of school and possibly going into practice someday. 

On Friday, the theme of the day was food. The NUHS Student Council has a free lunch at the beginning of every trimester where each club has a table for new students to get information about them. After that, the Office of Admissions had an appreciation lunch for me and my fellow co-workers featuring, but not limited to, root beer floats, cake, queso dip, salads, some kind of heavenly Jell-o cake thing, and much more. By the end of the day, I was lucky to not be in a food coma for work that evening. 

I found a new favorite way to wake me up during my morning commute--satellite radio. I had to drop my car off to get some scratches and dents removed, and luckily they gave me a car equipped with satellite radio. The car itself, not so great, but the radio channels were pretty neat. I've found my favorite channel, "On Broadway," which features show tunes from current and past Broadway shows. It also features my new favorite radio personality, Seth Rudetsky. He is a very charismatic, funny, and an excellent way to start off my mornings.

Planted this week on our roof deck.

Now that the weather is so nice, my partner and I have begun the planting process on our balcony and roof deck. The first and most important pot to get planted was our herb pot with sweet basil, mint (perfect for summer cocktails), and parsley. After that, we had a few perennials that we needed to replace from the previous year, some arborvitae bushes and a weeping evergreen. And finally, we began planting our flowers, grasses, and coleus. We have quite a few more pots to plant, but at least we have knocked out a portion of it.