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Interesting Patient

This week in clinic, I helped with a patient with a very interesting presentation. The patient came in complaining of low back pain that radiated down her leg all the way to her feet. Any transitional movements increased the pain. The pain was described as sharp and stabbing with numbness and tingling in her feet. Bending forward or activities like coughing or sneezing would also increase the symptoms. 

All of these symptoms are a classic presentation of patient with intervertebral disc problems. Therefore, our treatment began with a McKenzie low back evaluation, which showed that extension would help the patient. So, we started the patient with repeated, supine back press-ups, which went well the first time. During the second set of the exercises, the pain became very severe again and could not be completed. From this point forward, we decided that pure distraction (without flexion or extension) of the lumbar spine and cold packs would be the best option while the patient was so acute.

By the end of the treatment, we were able to get the pain down significantly, but transitional movements still aggravated the symptoms. So, we had the patient come in the next day so we could continue treatment. The patient stated that the pain had decreased significantly, and that there were no longer numbness and tingling in the feet. That day we continued with the lumbar distraction and cold packs, since the patient was still very acute. By the end of the second treatment, we had the patient's pain down significantly with no more radiation into the legs.

Spooky Party

Saturday evening, Rob and I threw our Halloween Noir party. All the guests were supposed to wear black and enjoy spooky music, food, and drinks. Several of my fellow ninth trimester interns were able to join in the fun including: Candace Gesicki, RJ Burr, Jerrica Sweetnich, Ryan Meehan, and Bryan Robinett (all shown in the photo).


End of Week High

The week ended on a very high note. Exam scores were finally posted for the September boards. I passed Part II, III, and Physiotherapy Board Exams!! It's a very great feeling to have that behind me. Now I only have Part IV to take in November, and then I am finished with exams.