Start of 9th Trimester

New trimester, new goals, new challenges, new location, and new people. This week started my 9th trimester of chiropractic school. This trimester I am a full-time chiropractic intern at the NUHS Whole Health Center - Chicago, located by the UIC campus on Maxwell and S. Halsted St. The Chicago clinic offers a wide variety of services, some of which include chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and much more. 

It's been an interesting start to the trimester. Interesting in that, there are so many new things to get used to. The biggest challenge this first week was trying to find a convenient public transportation route to take from my place to the clinic. Turns out there isn't a good one really, and it's faster for me to drive most days. Otherwise, I really like my new clinic location. There are five 10th trimester interns and four 9th trimester interns, all of whom are under the supervision of Dr. April Miller.

Since we are so close to the UIC campus, Dr. Miller and all of the Chicago clinic interns did an outreach event on Wednesday at the UIC new student welcome. We set up several chiropractic and massage tables, and offered students massages, trigger point work, and information on stretching that would be helpful for students to do on a daily basis. It was a very successful event with over 100 students stopping by for some wellness care. Students were also given information on the university and care they can receive at our clinic (all of which is discounted for UIC students).


My main focus last week was prepping for the many hours of exams I had this past weekend. Friday afternoon I took the Physiotherapy board exam. Saturday morning was the Part III board exam followed by the first section of the Part II board exams all afternoon. Finally, Sunday I finished the last sections of Part II in the morning and afternoon. So, last week was a lot of studying any free minute I had. I was doing a lot of prep all summer long, but it's amazing how nervous and stressed you can get the week leading up to exams. Needless to say, I didn't have a decent night's sleep all week long. Tension was high, but the great news was, come Sunday night, all the exams were behind me, and life can go back to normal. If you want to learn more about the NBCE board exams and what they entail go to

This week's blog is a short one, but I promise to have all the details of how board exams went in next week's blog. It's back to books for me.