Finals and Final Week of 8th Tri

I am almost finished with 8th Trimester and Student Clinic. I have this week and next week, and then I have completed Student Clinic. At this point, it is important to close out patient care, make sure all the number requirements have been met, and prepare for main clinic rotations that start the first week of September. Like I stated in an earlier blog, I will be in the downtown Chicago clinic. I feel like this clinic will be a great fit for me with my radiology background because the clinic is equipped with digital radiography equipment. I am also looking forward to being in a new environment, new surroundings, and being a little bit closer to where I live.

As the end of 8th Trimester nears, my excitement has been increasing. The reason I am getting excited is because this trimester marks the last classes I have to take in chiropractic school. It's a pretty amazing feeling. From 9th Trimester on through my chiropractic career, the education, seminars, and future classwork I do will be tailored to my interests and my patient's needs. 

Final exams start next week Tuesday and finish up the following week on Tuesday afternoon. One important key to getting through finals, besides studying a ton, is have something fun planned to celebrate when you finish. After weeks of stress, studying, not sleeping, and living in the library, you deserve some sort of fun activity to forget your worries. The day after finals this tri, my friends and I are having a cookout on my roof deck and then heading to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game.


Saturday was an especially long and crazy day. On our balcony, we have a spiral staircase that goes to our roof deck, which was in desperate need of a new paint job. For some reason, Rob and I thought this would be an easy task, but it was quite the opposite. The job took us several hours on Saturday as well as Sunday to complete. After we finished with the work on Saturday, we had the pleasure of hosting a dual birthday party for two NUHS ladies, Candace Gesicki and Kenzie Wood. The night started with cocktails and cake on the roof and ended out in Old Town, Chicago.

After we finished with the rest of the painting on Sunday, I pulled out my notes to continue my studying for the final exams I have this week. On Tuesday, I have Clinical Natural Medicine and Evidence Based Practice III finals. Thursday's exams consist of Business in the morning and Radiology Management/Report Writing in the afternoon. And then three more exams the following Monday and Tuesday and 8th Trimester is over!

See you in a couple of weeks!