Board Prep

The first week of September I will be taking Part II, III and Physiotherapy Board Exams. Throughout the summer months, I have been studying reviews and old notes in preparation for the exams. The main review book I am using, which was very helpful for Part I Boards, is Mosby's Review Questions for the NBCE Examination, Parts I and II. The book is an excellent resource in that it covers material from every subject that is covered on both exams. Also, every question not only gives you the correct answer, but it also covers each of the incorrect answers with a detailed explanation. By going over these review questions and reading through the explanations of the answers, you are covering a large portion of the material for the exams. 


Along with the reviews, I also have been noting subjects/topics that my professors have mentioned during lectures that are usually covered on board exams. I kept a document on my desktop and when my professors mentioned any of these "hot button" board topics, I added it to the document to look up, take notes on, and review later. My biggest piece of advice is start studying early! I get very stressed around exam time, especially with exams as involved and intense as national boards. By starting the review process early on, I am able to alleviate a lot of the nerves, which was a big help on my previous exam performance. 

Sunday evening, Rob and I went to the Steppenwolf Theatre to see the play "Belleville." I am a member of the Red Card program at the theatre which offers discount tickets for members under 30 years old. The play is about a newlywed couple that lives a very hip existence in the colorful, multi-ethnic neighborhood of Belleville, Paris. As the play progresses, small cracks in their relationship slowly begin to surface and expose themselves as large lies. By the end of the play, their world implodes when everything comes to light, and they are forced to deal with their new reality. The quality of theater that comes out of the Steppenwolf is in a category all its own. The performance by the lead actress, Kate Arrington, was a tour de force of emotion, vulnerability, and the human spirit. I would highly recommend this play and the Steppenwolf Theatre.

Following the show, we went to dinner at RPM Italian in downtown Chicago. We have been trying to get reservations for this restaurant for several months before we finally got in Sunday evening--and it was worth the wait. The food, drinks, service, and ambience were top notch resulting in the best dining experience we've had in a very long time.