The Student for a Day Experience

When you visit a campus you get a much better idea of whether a program is a good fit for you in a way that you just can't get from a website or a catalog. 

For example, several times per year, National University hosts a "student for a day" experience for students curious about our biomedical science program. The event runs from three in the afternoon until seven in the evening. 

What can you expect when you're a "student for a day?" Walking down the halls and being a part of the community is the first feeling you'll get. To officially kick things off, admissions counselors will introduce you to the nuts and bolts of the application process. Afterwards, a financial aid expert will boil down the financial aid process, making it much clearer for you. 


Then, it's on to class! Classes are small at National University, so you may be observing a class with only 8 to 10 students. Don't be surprised if you find yourself a contributing member of that class as they draw you into their conversation! Depending on what is scheduled that day, you may be learning medical Spanish or hearing about alternative care in a botanical medicine class. 

Touring the campus, you'll see graduate and undergraduate students hard at work in the beautiful Learning Resource Center, and maybe some folks pumping iron in the fitness center. You may see students grabbing coffee in the campus store to prepare for a late night of studying, or they may be practicing treatment skills in our many laboratories. Depending on the season, you might find sports clubs playing a game of pick-up basketball in the gym, or spiking a volleyball on the outdoor sand court. 

Walking through our on-campus clinic you'll see interns from our health care programs bustling between treatment rooms, caring for their patients. In the clinic, you'll peek in on our dispensary where oriental medicine and naturopathic practitioners store their "medicines": herbal remedies, tinctures, homeopathic treatments, nutritional supplements and over 300 oriental herbs. It smells like a place where healing begins. 

After your tour, you'll enjoy dinner with our students and faculty and have the chance to ask any questions, or hear about their personal experience at National.  What we hope you'll like best of all is that National University's Student for a Day program is casual, relaxed, and designed to make you feel at home. 

If you would like to sign up for the next Student for a Day event, call 1-800-826-6285 or register online.

Biomedical Science Degree Program and Yellow Ribbon Benefits

Crystal Stewart trained as a combat medic in the military after high school, and knew she wanted a career in health care. Once she finished her general education at a community college in Ohio, she chose to come to National University's bachelor's degree completion program in biomedical sciences.

Because Crystal is an eligible veteran, National University's Yellow Ribbon Program covers any remaining tuition not already covered under the Post-911 GI Bill.

Once she graduates with her B.S. in Biomedical Sciences from National University, Crystal hopes to go on to medical school and earn an M.D.

Guest Blogger Bianca Page - Recent Biomedical Science Grad

Hi, I'm Bianca, a National University bachelor of biomedical science graduate and current student in the university's doctor of chiropractic program. I'm involved in many activities on campus, since I'm the trimester representative for my class and also work as a student ambassador.

I was shown the benefits of natural medicine at a young age through a positive personal experience, which led me to become a part of the science community. I knew I wanted to ultimately enter a health profession, even in high school. 


I attended two years of college at Wittenberg University in Ohio. Although I had great experiences and amazing opportunities there, the price of attending another two years there was too high for me. I switched my plan when I found out about National University's bachelor degree completion program in biomedical sciences. Not only was this a more cost effective option, but also a perfect way to launch me into graduate school!

The science-based courses offered here in the BS program give you a chance to focus on one category of knowledge, while still exploring other branches of the health sciences.  For example, you can choose from medical Spanish, exercise physiology, diagnostic art, and many nutrition classes.

The classes offered here at National University give depth to each field of study. The program prepares you for your continued education and sets you up for accomplishing your goals--whether your goals lie in public health, research, alternative or traditional medicine.

I would have to say that biochemistry and anatomy were my favorite classes in the BS program. Anatomy gave me my first encounter working with cadavers, while biochemistry challenged the way I saw science. Both contributed to my love for nutrition, physical therapy, and the importance of maintaining overall wellness.

Here's my advice for those considering National University's BS program: Take advantage of the online and accelerated courses offered here.  If you plan on continuing your education with an advanced degree at National University, or any other medical school, then I highly recommend taking courses like Anatomy I and II, Biochemistry, and Medical Terminology.

I hope my experience can offer you the insight that you're looking for. Feel free to contact me, or any of our other student ambassadors, by emailing

Best of luck,
Bianca Page

Free eBook Highlights Science Career Outlook for BS & MS Grads

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAS), through its online journal Science, has a free digital booklet available on science careers. The 2012 Career Directory spotlights several of the largest employers of science graduates. 

The good news presented in this booklet is that you don't need a PhD to start a science career with a large corporation. According to the booklet's article, "Wanted: BS and MS Scientists in Life Sciences Industries":

"As corporations expand beyond their basic research and development foundations, there is a greater need for MS and BS level researchers who can plan experiments, conduct investigations, and lead teams in crucial areas such as operations, quality assurance, and engineering." 

Pronouncing that today's BS and MS scientists are strategically vital, the article states that:

"For many leaders in life sciences, the role of BS and MS scientists cannot be overstated--they are regarded as vital to the growth and advancement of companies and whole sectors."

The article interviews both BS and MS graduates launching successful new careers, as well as executives in charge of hiring new employees to fill personnel needs at large science corporations. 


One key to success mentioned in the article, is creating a scientific specialty in your education, such as cell physiology. That's one reason why National University's bachelor of biomedical science degree program allows you to tailor your course selections to create your own portfolio of scientific expertise. You can focus in on anatomy, or biochemistry, nutrition, or any combination of courses that fit your interests and goals. 

It's great to know that the AAS agrees that the future for science grads remains bright!

A BS in Biomedical Science Equals Opportunities

In this video, Dr. Randy Swenson, Dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences, talks about how NUHS' Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree completion program can be tailored to fit any of a wide number of career paths.

Whether you plan to stay at NUHS for a professional degree, or apply to another graduate school, National's convenient evening classes can help you finish you B.S. degree in as few as 16 months.

You can learn more about our Bachelor of Biomedical Science program by attending one of our Campus Visit Day or "Student for a Day" events. Email us at or call us at 1-800-826-6285 for more information.