Spend a Day. Determine Your Future.

Need to finish your bachelor's degree? Then consider spending the day with us!

Thursday, February 11, 2016 from 3-7pm is our Student For a Day event at National University of Health Sciences.

You'll participate in a real class, have an interactive learning experience with a cadaver in our anatomy lab, and spend time eating with and getting to know current students and faculty.

Visit Day

Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 9am-2pm is Campus Visit Day a campus-wide event which allows you to experience NUHS with your family and friends.

You'll learn about more than just the BS program, as you spend time with student club leaders, housing coordinators, graduate program representatives, etc. You'll enjoy complimentary breakfast and lunch for this extensive program.

For attending either event, you will receive a special $250 tuition credit which can be put towards your first trimester in the BS program. All attendees will also receive an application fee waiver if they apply during either event.

How to Register

You may register for either event on line or contact the Office of Admissions at

1-800-826-6285 or admissions@nuhs.edu with questions.

Holiday Science Research

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, here are some biomedical scientists from an Australian University who are working hard to explain how Santa can travel so fast, fit down chimneys, and why Rudolph's nose glows!


Need Just One Science Course – Not a Degree? We Can Do That!

2013-11-26_anatomylabDo you need just one or two science courses? Perhaps you already have a bachelor's degree but need an anatomy course to get into medical school. Or maybe your boss at the hospital wants you to take a brush-up course in medical terminology for that promotion. 

The great thing about National University of Health Sciences is that you don't have to enroll in its B.S. degree program if you only need one or two undergraduate courses. NUHS offers both a "student at large" and prerequisite program that allow you to earn just the credits you need. - even if it's just one course.

Choosing a National University science course is often a better alternative to a community college or online program.  The courses are often priced the same, but the campus and parking are more convenient and classes start three times per year with plenty of openings.  You'll learn in actual medical school facilities, often from professionals in the field: This gives you an edge when taking what you learn to graduate school or the workplace. National University's student body is also a very high caliber since the majority of those enrolled are preparing for graduate degrees.

"One advantage to applying for our prerequisite program versus our student at large program," says Deb Cascio, NUHS undergraduate coordinator, "is that you can then qualify for discounted tuition if you also apply to one of our first professional degree programs."

If you need just one or two college level science courses, of if you are an employer in a science or health industry and are looking for an excellent resource for employee education, call Deb Cascio at 630-889-6577 or email dcascio@nuhs.edu for more information on which enrollment track is right for you.

Halloween Biomedical Science Quiz

This Friday night is our Halloween Party at National University. It's one of the many campus events where our bachelor of biomedical science students can meet and mingle with students in our graduate health professional degree programs.

Halloween1   Halloween2   Halloween3

If you can't make the party, here's a little taste of holiday fun: See if you can pass our Halloween biomedical science quiz!

1.) A spider's web is made of what chemical substance?              

a. protein
b. starch
c. sugar
d. lipid or fat

2.) Vampire bats are:

       a. real    
       b. imaginary

3.)The average lifespan of the common little brown bat is:

a. 4 years  
b. 10 years    
c. 32 years

4.) Bats navigate and move through the night using: 

a. sonar  
b. radar  
c. infrared  
d. night vision

5.) A pumpkin's orange pigment is what chemical compound or substance? 

a. flavanoid   
b. carotene   
c. chlorophyll

6.) A toadstool is a type of:

a. frog 
b. mushroom 
c. kettle 
d. bottle

7.) A human skeleton is what kind of skeleton?

a. exoskeleton 
b. endoskeleton

8.) Another name for the skull of a skeleton is:

a. android 
b. branium 
c. cranium 
d. deltoid

9.) The skeleton of humans is made of what chemical compound?

a. sodium and potassium chloride
b. calcium carbonate 
c. calcium chloride 
d. calcium phosphate

10.) What special chemical is needed for "bioluminescence" and permits the fireflies to light or glow?

a. ATP plus luciferan  
b. glucose  
c. fructose  
d. starch  
e. NAD


Answers:  1. Protein, 2. Real, 3. 32 years, 4. Sonar, 5. Carotene, 6. Mushroom, 7. Endoskeleton, 8 Cranium, 9. Calcium Phosphate, 10. ATP plus luciferan

Fast-Track to a Graduate Degree for NUHS BS Students

DiplomaNow bachelor of biomedical science students at National University can shave up to one year off their career education by combining a BS with either a doctor of chiropractic or doctor of naturopathic medicine degree. 

In the university's new Advanced Scholars Program, the science courses you take in the first year of your DC or ND program will also count toward completion of your bachelor of biomedical science degree. That means you'll earn both your undergraduate and a first professional degree while saving up to one full year of time and tuition costs!

"We've created a way for capable students to enter a graduate level physician program earlier, which can get them on a faster track to a rewarding career in health care," says Deb Cascio, coordinator of undergraduate recruitment at NUHS. "Specific credit, coursework and GPA requirements are necessary to qualify for the program. We're here to help advise current BS students on what they'll need to apply to this new program, as well as those seeking to enter NUHS specifically for this fast-track option."

The new fast-track option is attractive to many students, as slightly over half of NUHS' BS students already plan to apply for one of the institution's graduate degrees. "The Advanced Scholars Program allows them to enter the graduate program one year sooner, and still receive their bachelor of biomedical science degree," says Deb Cascio.

For more information, you can call Deb Cascio at 1-800-826-6285 or email dcascio@nuhs.edu.