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Spend a Day. Determine Your Future.

Need to finish your bachelor's degree? Then consider spending the day with us!

Thursday, February 11, 2016 from 3-7pm is our Student For a Day event at National University of Health Sciences.

You'll participate in a real class, have an interactive learning experience with a cadaver in our anatomy lab, and spend time eating with and getting to know current students and faculty.

Visit Day

Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 9am-2pm is Campus Visit Day a campus-wide event which allows you to experience NUHS with your family and friends.

You'll learn about more than just the BS program, as you spend time with student club leaders, housing coordinators, graduate program representatives, etc. You'll enjoy complimentary breakfast and lunch for this extensive program.

For attending either event, you will receive a special $250 tuition credit which can be put towards your first trimester in the BS program. All attendees will also receive an application fee waiver if they apply during either event.

How to Register

You may register for either event on line or contact the Office of Admissions at

1-800-826-6285 or with questions.

Explore Careers through Student Organizations

A great aspect of earning a bachelor's degree in biomedical science at National University is that you can join or attend meetings of our student organizations, even those that are geared to professional degree students. Why is that a plus? Because sampling our student organizations will give you first hand exposure to topics in a variety of health care fields.

For example, as a BS student you can join the Homeopathy Club and learn more about homeopathic medicine for both yourself, and how physicians apply it for patient care. Or learn more about acupuncture and oriental medicine by hearing noted speakers hosted by our Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Club.

Other great clubs on campus that let you explore future career specializations are the Sports Rehab Club, Public Health Club, research oriented Journal Clubs, or our professional clubs such as the Student American Chiropractic Association, or Naturopathic Medical Student Association.

Photo of students playing volleyball on campus
Students playing volleyball and basketball on campus

Clubs are a great way to meet other students and get active on campus. There are also recreational clubs such as the Running /Walking Club, the Yoga Club, or the Basketball Club. You can meet and network with graduate students who, just like you, are excited about science and health care.

At National University, there's more to college than just great classroom learning! Explore more about NUHS at one of our student for a day events.

The Student for a Day Experience

When you visit a campus you get a much better idea of whether a program is a good fit for you in a way that you just can't get from a website or a catalog. 

For example, several times per year, National University hosts a "student for a day" experience for students curious about our biomedical science program. The event runs from three in the afternoon until seven in the evening. 

What can you expect when you're a "student for a day?" Walking down the halls and being a part of the community is the first feeling you'll get. To officially kick things off, admissions counselors will introduce you to the nuts and bolts of the application process. Afterwards, a financial aid expert will boil down the financial aid process, making it much clearer for you. 


Then, it's on to class! Classes are small at National University, so you may be observing a class with only 8 to 10 students. Don't be surprised if you find yourself a contributing member of that class as they draw you into their conversation! Depending on what is scheduled that day, you may be learning medical Spanish or hearing about alternative care in a botanical medicine class. 

Touring the campus, you'll see graduate and undergraduate students hard at work in the beautiful Learning Resource Center, and maybe some folks pumping iron in the fitness center. You may see students grabbing coffee in the campus store to prepare for a late night of studying, or they may be practicing treatment skills in our many laboratories. Depending on the season, you might find sports clubs playing a game of pick-up basketball in the gym, or spiking a volleyball on the outdoor sand court. 

Walking through our on-campus clinic you'll see interns from our health care programs bustling between treatment rooms, caring for their patients. In the clinic, you'll peek in on our herbal dispensary where oriental medicine and naturopathic practitioners store their "medicines": herbal remedies, tinctures, homeopathic treatments, nutritional supplements and over 300 oriental herbs. It smells like a place where healing begins. 

After your tour, you'll enjoy dinner with our students and faculty and have the chance to ask any questions, or hear about their personal experience at National.  What we hope you'll like best of all is that National University's Student for a Day program is casual, relaxed, and designed to make you feel at home. 

If you would like to sign up for the next Student for a Day event, call 1-800-826-6285 or register online.