An Emphasis in Nutrition Enhances a BS Degree

National University's bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences gives you the option to choose an "emphasis in nutrition."

2012-07-27_nutritionThe great part about choosing this emphasis is that when you graduate, it's reflected on your NUHS diploma. For this designation, you'll need 19 hours of credit in nutrition courses such as:

  • Sports and Physical Performance Nutrition
  • Nutrition in the Life Cycle
  • Nutrition in Health and Disease
  • Food Science
  • Plus other nutritional courses!

There is a growing interest in nutrition, as many people are learning that they can improve their own health through better food choices.

Dr. Daniel Richardson of National University agrees that learning more about nutrition can benefit not only individuals, but anyone seeking a career in health care. He says, "Most medicine is based largely on the body's ability to heal itself, but that can only happen if the patient has the right amount of nutrients."

Whatever type of health professional you plan to be, be it a chiropractic or naturopathic physician, dentist, an M.D., an optometrist, or a nurse, a solid knowledge of nutrition will help you make better diagnoses and provide better care for your patients.

Find out more about this and all the other great advantages of National University's bachelor of biomedical science program by visiting its campus for yourself. If you visit between now and August 30th, you'll receive a $500 tuition incentive during the university's "Summer Soak-Up" program.