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Last Blog as an ND Student


I don't even know where to begin…this is my last blog!  I seriously cannot believe I will be graduating in less than two weeks! Of course, I am excited to move on from NUHS, but I have to admit it is quite scary! Not being told where to be, what to do, and how to do it every day is going to be a very big change… but I am sure I will adapt!!  

I have become very nostalgic lately, hugging my friends more than usual knowing these last few days may be the last time we are all in one room together. I have been saying goodbye to my patients, which is extremely hard! I love my patients and will think of them often even when I am gone! I poured my last tincture in the dispensary, performed my last hydrotherapy and wrote my last paper this week. Every day there is a new reminder of the closing of my time at NUHS. 

As sad as it may be to say goodbye to friends and old routines, I am very happy to be going to spend time with my sweet little niece! My sister is always sending me pictures of her… the latest photo shoot was of my niece dressed up in her various bathing suits with captions saying, "Come visit me soon Auntie A!" How could I not want to just drop everything and go squeeze her!!

Ashley -niece -big 

Hospital Shadowing Experience

This coming week I will be shadowing at a Joliet hospital ER room. I have never been exposed to emergency room situations and am very thankful for this opportunity! I know I will see things I might never see in real practice. Not that I have any plans to become an ER doctor, but it will be worthwhile to learn a new aspect of medicine and meet new doctors. It's like Dr. Lou always says… make friends everywhere you go! 

As I move on to hopefully bigger and better things… I ask that everyone stay in contact! I will certainly be happy to update everyone on my goings on!

I hope that everyone has a happy and healthy summer!

Job Hunting

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Well, I wish I could report the job search has been successful, but it has been a bit rougher than I had anticipated. Because I have been limiting my search to the Chicagoland area it has been quite difficult to find a medical group to take me on. One of the many challenges of job-hunting in an unlicensed state is explaining what it is that I do in addition to why someone would hire me when I am not currently licensed in this state. 

As soon as I find a lead that sounds promising, it ends up being a wash! I have hope, but am starting to think more seriously about my Plan B. Plan B consists of moving in with my sister in Missouri to help take care of my niece for the summer while studying for the NPLEX 2 board examination, which will be held this August. While I would love to have a job right out of school, it may be a blessing in disguise that I am not finding just any job here in Chicago… meaning I can focus on studying for boards and potentially move to a licensed state and get a great job! Here's to hopin'!! 

On another note, my best friend Sarah, who is also a 10th trimester intern, landed a job at an integrated practice in Joliet, Ill. The official open house for the alternative medicine wing of her facility is this Wednesday and I am planning to attend with several of my fellow interns. Our newest clinician, Dr. Julie Martin, was asked to be the keynote speaker at the open house and we are anxious to hear her speech! We are all very happy to celebrate Sarah's success and will jump at any opportunity to hang out together as one big ND bunch! As the days grow closer to graduation, we are beginning to realize we aren't going to be spending every day together as we have for the past 4 years. At least we all have Skype to keep us connected! 

Old Photos

While going through old photos I came across a couple of old pictures of the ND gang back in our first year of school. The picture at the top is of a group of ND students and I posing after a long day at school during second trimester. I remember feeling so adult back then, thinking that I knew exactly what I was going to do once I graduated. 

Ashley -2-1_1

The above picture is from the white coat ceremony where we got to dress up in our white coats and feel "official." Today, I can say with certainty, I had no idea what I was getting into back then! This program has taught me more about myself that I could have ever known back then. I know in 4 years from now I will look back at graduation and feel the exact same way… thinking I had everything figured out!

Graduation is One Month Away

Graduation is now officially one month away and I couldn't be more excited! I am more than ready to be done spending all of my time within the confines of the NUHS clinic walls and get out into the "real world." Sometimes I think we spend so much time worrying about graduation requirements and check-offs that we start to loose touch with reality; we are going to be doctors!! 

I think my reality set in hard this week when one of the adjunct faculty, Dr. Lou, wanted to take the 10th trimester ND students out for a graduation dinner before she left for the trimester. She praised each and every one of us and pointed out each of our strengths. She really knows how to speak to your heart. After some Thai food, talking and tears, we all left feeling confident and ready to graduate!   

A Favorite Memory

One of my most favorite memories of Dr. Lou was her lecture on finding your "target" - meaning, we all have goals in our life that we aim for. Some are small and some are large but they all are leading towards a common goal/target. That goal may be to have the means to support children and a family in the future, or to have the means to travel freely, or it may be to build your ideal medical practice. Whatever the goal "target" may be, there will undoubtedly be obstacles that will come along and try to knock you off of your course toward your target. 

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Dr. Lou explains that it is no one's fault but your own if you allow these obstacles to let you get off course. She also explains that once your start to rationalize the obstacles and let them lead you astray, you will in the short term be aiming for your target, but in the long term you will miss the target by a long shot. For example, if you are in an unhappy relationship and are aiming to have a happy healthy family in your future, you can rationalize that things will get better as time goes on and ignore the fact that you are no longer aiming for your target. As difficult as it may seem, removing yourself from a situation or people that do not support your reaching your target is what you must do. 

I know it sounds cheesy, but when you sit down and think about what makes you get out of bed in the morning and what actually makes you tick, you realize what your most important goals/targets in life are and this will help to re-direct you onto the appropriate path. 

Mama Chella comes to town!

My boyfriend's mother flew in from Boston this past weekend to pay us a very short but sweet visit. We were able to go downtown for a very nice dinner and drinks and some long overdue shopping! I also attended my first temple service with my boyfriend and his mom to observe the Jewish festival Purim. It was a learning experience to say the least! I love learning new religions and traditions and can't wait for the next holiday!

Ashley -bfmom

Iowa Close to Licensure

The Hawkeye state is up again for a re-vote on whether or not to license naturopathic doctors as primary care physicians. Over a year ago Iowa NDs tried for licensure but were unable to pass the bill. As far as I have read and heard, licensure bill SF293 has already passed the Senate subcommittee and Senate committee. The next step is Senate floor. The president of the Iowa Association of Naturopathic Physicians e-mailed me stating that currently we have majority in Senate but the bill still needs much support to get passed! 

Over half of Iowa legislators have been directly informed of the need for naturopathic medicine in Iowa and you bet I have been recruiting friends and family back home to e-mail and call! I had not at all been thinking about moving back to Iowa to practice but this really throws my plans for a loop! If Iowa becomes the first Midwest state to become licensed with a full scope of practice…Iowa just may be my place!! 

If you know anyone in Iowa or would like to be part of the licensing efforts please send a quick e-mail stating the many wonderful benefits of naturopathic medicine! We need all the help we can get to get this bill through. The vote will take place around April 29th, so we only have a short couple months to raise awareness! 

The following link will take you the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) where you can send an e-mail directly to support Iowa licensing efforts!

Fonda of my Honda 

My gracious parents allowed me to borrow their Honda Civic for the time being since my old Subaru finally quit on me. I am so close to being done with school and this couldn't have happened at a worse time! Thankfully, I have a vehicle to get around and I can stop waking my boyfriend up early in the morning for rides! I really am so blessed… my family and friends always have my back!  

Top -car

I hope that everyone has a chance to vote for Iowa licensure!! Hopefully Illinois will be next!

Danville, IL

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Hello from Danville! I am writing to you from Danville, IL, where my fellow intern Sarah and I just arrived at our hotel to prepare for our shadowing opportunity tomorrow. We are meeting with Dr. Peters who is a chiropractic and naturopathic physician who practices as a primary care doctor here in Danville. He has a variety of conditions he treats but specializes in homeopathy. I am excited to report how tomorrow goes! 

Salvation Army

For the entire 10th Trimester, I am spending Friday clinic shifts at the Salvation Army in downtown Chicago. It has been nice to be able to track patients from week-to-week and monitor their progress. The past few weeks we have had several successful treatments with homeopathy, which I love to see!

One patient was treated with the remedy Calc Carb for a chief complaint of fear of change, as he was placed on a new job assignment and had a lot of anxiety revolving around his first day at the new job. The following week the patient reported feeling completely calm after being given the homeopathic remedy and had much less anxiety when he started his new job earlier in the week. I love hearing success stories like this, especially when these patients are so thankful for any help that we can provide.

Niece Update

My little niece is now 5 months old!! I recently found out she will be attending my graduation in April to watch
her Auntie A become a doctor. I am very excited about graduation of course, but most of all I am excited for my family to visit and spend time together. We have a trip planned for the Shedd Aquarium and Lincoln Park Zoo just to name a few! I can't wait to show off little Gracey!

Ashley -baby
Have a great week!!