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Pomegranate Explosion

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It's the time for pomegranates and while shopping for groceries today I felt inclined to purchase my first one of the season. I found that if you cut the pomegranate in a bowl of water that the seeds sink to the bottom and the rest of the fruit floats on top of the water. This makes it easier to get the seeds out and makes the whole process much less messy. I also have found from past experience that pomegranate seeds stain clothing permanently…so be very careful when eating!! 

You would think with how time consuming it is to cut a pomegranate that I would have been more cautious when putting the seeds into the refrigerator. Unfortunately, I set the dish full of seeds on the edge of the counter, which got promptly knocked to the floor. I stood there for a minute looking at the seed-covered kitchen and decided instead of crying about the mess that I would blog about it!  Luckily I managed to salvage a small bowl of seeds that I thoroughly enjoyed. I recommend that everyone attempt to cut a pomegranate at least once… it really makes you appreciate the fruit of your labor! By the way, pomegranates contain powerful anti-oxidants that are good for blood vessel health, cancer prevention and allergies. There are many health claims when it comes to pomegranates.... but one thing I know for sure... they are Delicious!!! 

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The Patriots 

This weekend, my boyfriend hosted his mom who came in town from Boston. She brought me the cutest little Patriots shirt to wear for Sunday's game, as the family members are diehard New England Patriots fans. Being a sport, I wore the shirt over to watch the game, but kept my fleece zipped up to my neck until I was inside! I can't let anyone see me in a Patriots shirt in Bears territory!  I am only kidding… I don't mind who sees me in a New England shirt… but I do believe I was in the minority in the city of Chicago as far as Patriots fans go! 

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Campus Visit Day

This weekend was the final Campus Visit Day of 2010. I spent the whole day with prospective naturopathic students answering questions and leading them through the various stations set up for the day. They day started out with breakfast and a welcome from the president, Dr. Winterstein. Then the guests split up into groups based on their program of interest and were sent off for a busy day of simulated patient care, sample class lectures, student and alumni panels, and an overview of the admissions process. I always feel honored to share my experience at National and leave the day feeling even more enthusiastic with my decision to become a naturopath! I remember the Campus Visit Day I attended way back in 2005 with my father that helped me make my decision to come to NUHS… so long ago! We were definitely impressed and that is ultimately the reason why I am here!

I hope everyone got to enjoy this mild weathered weekend, as the cold weather will be here to stay soon enough! Until next week, be well!

Pumpkin Carving, Pumpkin Seeds, and Pumpkin Pie

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Happy Halloween!! I am pretty sure I have overdosed on pumpkin this weekend!! It all started with breakfast this morning being pumping pancakes… followed by pumpkin carving, pumpkin seed roasting and pumpkin pie baking! Now, I am enjoying the glow of my pumpkin on the porch while watching scary movies! I normally absolutely detest scary movies but 'tis the season! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and I fully enjoyed it this year! 

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Clinic News

A group of students from a local high school came to visit National this past week to learn about alternative medicine. An intern from the chiropractic program, and intern from the acupuncture and oriental medicine program, and one of my fellow clinic interns from the naturopathic program presented on our respective programs and what each of the professions can do for patients. Many students were fascinated about the naturopathic program and wanted more information on how to become a naturopathic doctor! I am so happy that young students are being exposed to the naturopathic profession because had I known of this medical pathway way back when I was starting out on my college career I would have made different decisions for sure! 

Campus Visit Day

Speaking of future naturopathic doctors, Campus Visit Day will be held next weekend. As it stands now, the stats for visitors are almost 50/50 for ND-interested students and DC-interested students. This is a first for Campus Visit Day for sure! Usually, there is an overwhelming amount of DC prospect students coming from far and wide to check out the school for Campus Visit Day, but with the ND program growing interest we are starting to have a greater presence on campus! I will be at Campus Visit Day this weekend to answer questions of prospective students and to help give tours of the campus. Come and join if you can!

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Have a spook-tacular week!!

Pumpkin Hunting

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Being one week before Halloween I decided it was time to get myself some pumpkins to carve! After scanning all of the pumpkins at the sale I think I found the heaviest one of the bunch! It wasn't the biggest pumpkin but certainly make the half a block walk to the car with it in tow quite a task! I plan to meet up with friends early this week to have a carving/pumpkin seed roasting party as I need to get my pumpkin registered for the carving contest at my apartment complex. Winner gets $100 cash! I'll be sure to let you know if I win! 

UIC Medical Students

This week a group of interns went to the UIC medical school in downtown Chicago to educate first year medical students on the world of alternative medicine. They went armed with handouts full of information ready to tackle any questions the students might have. There were several students with questions regarding what naturopathic medicine is and what our role is in healthcare. All in all it sounded like a great experience for both the ND interns and the medical students. The more we educate our medical colleagues the more support we will have in the future, and the more we know about the various aspects of healthcare the better able we will be to serve our patients, which is the ultimate goal! 

Pizza + NUHS garden grown basil = Delicious! 

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Tonight my boyfriend and I decided to make homemade pizza with fresh basil compliments of the NUHS botanical garden. I can't get over how powerful home grown basil is! A little bit really goes a long way when it comes to flavoring. Technically, we aren't supposed to "steal" herbs from the campus garden as they are for learning purposes but with frosts predicted in the near future I'm sure this one time will be alright…shhhh don't tell on me!

Time Away on the Farm

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Even with thoughts of final examinations, I found time to squeeze a wedding into my weekend plans. The wedding was 6 hours away in southern Iowa but was well worth the drive! Getting to see my family was a nice treat before a week of final exams! My family comes from a long line of Midwest farmers, so most of my aunts and uncles and grandparents live on acres of farmland.

My grandfather took me on a truck ride to show me this season's crops of corn and soybeans, including one field designated for organic soybeans! The interesting thing is that the beans do look different when you compare the organic and non-organic. The organic beans were smaller and more vibrant green in color vs. the non-organic that were almost twice the size and a duller shade of dark green. My grandfather commented that it does take a lot more work to keep the weeds and bugs out of the crops, but in the end he hopes the time and effort will pay off!

My grandfather was an avid dairy farmer for over 50 years, milking the cows 3 times a day. He has since retired from dairy farming but still has one or two cows he milks for his own enjoyment. He can't bring himself to drink store-bought milk after having fresh milk for so many years. He fills his time now with his crops and most recent addition of a hog confinement. Walking into the confinement you are knocked down by the overwhelming smell… of you know what! It was definitely something a city girl doesn't get to see or smell every day!  


This week in Dr. Selby's Advanced Manipulation class, we learned about Kinesio Taping. Kinesio Taping is an adhesive tape used for re-education of the neuromuscular system, reduction of pain, enhancement of performance, prevention of injury, and the promotion of proper circulation and healing. It is used in a variety of settings from medical offices to sporting events.

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We learned a technique of applying the tape to the back of the neck and to the forehead to help with muscle tension headaches. It may look funny, but let me tell you, it feels great once it is applied! And at the end of class for good measure, Dr. Selby cut me 2 small black strips of tape to put under my eyes… just to see how intimidating I could look! He is not only the most patient, knowledgeable, understanding, and caring professor you could ask for, but he has the best sense of humor as well! 

With the Naturopathic Convention just around the corner, there are a lot of things I need to prepare for! I have knocked out the majority of written assignments that are due this trimester but need to start studying for all of my exams! Wish me luck!