Last Blog as an ND Student


I don't even know where to begin…this is my last blog!  I seriously cannot believe I will be graduating in less than two weeks! Of course, I am excited to move on from NUHS, but I have to admit it is quite scary! Not being told where to be, what to do, and how to do it every day is going to be a very big change… but I am sure I will adapt!!  

I have become very nostalgic lately, hugging my friends more than usual knowing these last few days may be the last time we are all in one room together. I have been saying goodbye to my patients, which is extremely hard! I love my patients and will think of them often even when I am gone! I poured my last tincture in the dispensary, performed my last hydrotherapy and wrote my last paper this week. Every day there is a new reminder of the closing of my time at NUHS. 

As sad as it may be to say goodbye to friends and old routines, I am very happy to be going to spend time with my sweet little niece! My sister is always sending me pictures of her… the latest photo shoot was of my niece dressed up in her various bathing suits with captions saying, "Come visit me soon Auntie A!" How could I not want to just drop everything and go squeeze her!!

Ashley -niece -big 

Hospital Shadowing Experience

This coming week I will be shadowing at a Joliet hospital ER room. I have never been exposed to emergency room situations and am very thankful for this opportunity! I know I will see things I might never see in real practice. Not that I have any plans to become an ER doctor, but it will be worthwhile to learn a new aspect of medicine and meet new doctors. It's like Dr. Lou always says… make friends everywhere you go! 

As I move on to hopefully bigger and better things… I ask that everyone stay in contact! I will certainly be happy to update everyone on my goings on!

I hope that everyone has a happy and healthy summer!

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