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With the trimester flying by, the ZRT naturopathic medical students' collegiate bowl at the annual naturopathic convention is fast approaching! We have booked our flights to Portland and made our hotel reservations, so there is no turning back! The group of four of us who are going to participate are meeting weekly to practice for the competition. Although I am very excited to compete for NUHS, the next few weeks are going to be crazy with taking final examinations early, as we will be missing the last two weeks of school. A few crazy weeks of examinations will be well worth it once we are in Portland!

While we are out on the West Coast, we plan to shadow at as many naturopathic clinics as we can. Being so close to graduation, making connections with practicing NDs is becoming more important. We already have one shadowing opportunity set in stone in southern California. I can't wait to report back on how it goes!


In Botanicals recently, we discussed the topic of treating cancer in a naturopathic clinical setting. This topic is particularly interesting to me as I plan to pursue further education in naturopathic oncology. The field of oncology is vast, therefore most naturopathic treatments are guided toward integrated care and supporting the body's ability to tolerate debilitating chemotherapy, radiology and surgical treatments. There are many botanical formulas that can be given to help patients gain their energy and strength back after oncology treatments and to help with the brain fog patients experience post-chemotherapy referred to as "chemo brain." The lecture on botanical uses in cancer is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to naturopathic therapies that can be utilized as adjunctive treatment in the field of oncology.

We're also discussing oncology in depth in both Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine. I am a total cancer junkie… so I will be sure to relay any interesting information!

With about 10 papers and 3 presentations looming over my head I had better get to typing! Have a great week!


This week's photos show how our naturopathic garden is progressing.

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