Happy 4th!

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This week flew by with plans of going home for the Fourth of July weekend in the back of my mind. Three-day weekends are few and far between, so when they come along I like to go back home to visit friends and family. It was great to spend the weekend grilling out and watching fireworks and just getting away from Chicago for a few days!

Even though it is nice to escape school for a bit, it is always good to get back to my little apartment full of books and school life. It's funny how I couldn't wait for the day I would be done with school. With graduation looming in my near future, it's hard to imagine what life will be like waking up every day and not being told what to do, where to be and what time to be there! Right now it feels very safe being in school. My job and what is expected of me is clearly laid out. Once I graduate the world will be my oyster and it will be my decision what to do with my time!! I know it sounds silly, but it is really scary!

To keep sane, I keep tabs in my head of the things I need to be doing before graduation.

  1. Keep up with residency requirements.
  2. Keep on top of graduation requirements.
  3. Continue to look up naturopathic clinics to shadow.
  4. Figure out where to live after graduation, hopefully my sister's house for free!!
  5. Plan out a study schedule for Part 2 boards.

There are four oncology residencies I have been keeping my eye on. The closest one to Chicago is in Zion, Illinois. The other three are in Goshen, Indiana, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although I do not see myself moving all the way to Philadelphia, I just found out that Dr. Michelle Rogers, my Naturopathic Internal Medicine teacher, will be relocating to the Philadelphia Cancer Hospital at the end of this trimester! Dr. Rogers currently works at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the Integrative Health Care Center. She completed an oncology residency after she graduated from naturopathic school, which she says helped her to gain the confidence to work in an integrated setting.

Dr. Rogers is always e-mailing us the latest studies on naturopathic therapies as she is used to validating her treatment plans to other medical professionals. She is always saying she does not believe in "reinventing the wheel" - meaning that if she has saved a study or handout that she put together, she is more than happy to share it with others in the naturopathic field to use. 

Creating handouts that affirm the efficacy of naturopathic therapies is something we do a lot of work on this trimester in our business class. By the end of the trimester, we need to have two 15-minute presentations on a naturopathic modality, a web-ready article on a naturopathic therapy for a common condition, and a handout on a hydrotherapy treatment. I guess there really is a reason behind all of the work that professors make us go through to prepare us to market what we do as NDs!

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This coming week should wrap up midterms and will allow for more time to be spent in the garden and the pool, if weather permits! I hope that everyone had a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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