Groundbreaking Weekend

Top -hands

It's official! NUHS has a botanical garden!

About 15 students showed up to partake in the planting of the garden, and with so much help we were done planting an 8x10-10 foot plot in just over an hour. Before we packed up our tools we stood around the plot hand-in-hand and took a moment to think back on all of our hard work in getting to this moment.

It was suggested by a student that for good gardening luck we should spit on the garden. I know this sounds disgusting, but it was actually really fun! Now all that is left to do is to spruce up walking paths with stones and make a sign with the NUHS Botanical Garden printed on it! We will be assigning a watering and weeding schedule this week to help with maintenance of the garden. This week I'll welcome the rain instead of wishing it away!

In the Classroom

As for classroom news, this week's topic in Advanced Manipulation class was on low back and leg endurance tests. This meant that we were subjected to performing each test to see where we fell compared to the average patient. Dr. Selby had us really sweating by doing as many squats, sit-ups and sustained planks as we could! He wanted us to be able to experience what it would be like for a patient if they were asked to perform these endurance tests. Granted, we were not wearing proper attire, most of us in summer dresses, so it was a bit difficult to perform at our highest potential, but it was an enjoyable lecture nonetheless!

Ashley -sideplank

One of our teachers, Dr. Lou, is always telling us of the importance of "living in our labs" - meaning, we should not be recommending things to our patients that we have not tried ourselves. If we expect our patients to eat healthy and exercise regularly...we should be doing the same!

In the Pool

With the weather being so nice this weekend I finally got to take advantage of the swimming pool at my apartment. A friend from home came into town this weekend so we spent most of our time relaxing in the sunshine! Being that I did not apply sunscreen liberally enough, I ended up getting a pretty good sunburn on my shoulders. Not to worry though, homeopathic Cantharis and Calendula lotion to the rescue! 

This week is full of midterms and papers… but I will surely find time to play in the garden! I will keep you posted on the latest growth!

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