It's Easy Being Green

This weekend marked the 4th Annual Chicago Green Festival. The Green Festival is a two-day affair full of eco-friendly innovations and workshops held at Navy Pier. This is the third year I have participated in a booth set up by National. I got to talk with event goers about naturopathic medicine and what it's like to be a student.

Ashley -Chicago

In between manning the booth, I was able to peruse the various green vendors. Among my favorites was a booth run by the Green America Organization, which videotaped patrons stating one thing that they do that is "green." These 15-second blurbs will eventually end up on YouTube for all to see! The experience got me thinking about all of the green things I do on a daily basis, which, while small individually, amount to a pretty big reduction in my carbon footprint. If everyone could make slight adjustments to their daily routines, imagine how huge the overall impact on the environment would be! Check out Netflix No Impact Man, and you'll totally agree.

Top -planting

Case in point: our garden. Each time I visit our garden, I can't believe how easy it really is to grow the produce we all spend so much money on each week. I've been thinking of the benefits of cultivating our own food and these are my top three:

  1. In the first place, our crops are pesticide-free, decreasing our exposure to harmful toxins. Not only would this benefit our health but it promotes sustainable soil and water for future gardeners.
  2. Secondly, money! Seed packets: $30. Herbs and starter vegetables: $100. Worm castings and fish bone fertilizer: $50. Fresh produce for the entirety of the summer!
  3. Thirdly, quality time spent with old-time fellow gardeners, bringing friends together for a common cause and feeling good about the food you're eating -priceless!

In other news, this week was the first official week of Student Clinic. While I can't disclose too much of what happened, I will say that there was no shortage of things to do and patients to see. Our Chief Clinician, Dr. Baltazar, was a rock for us all and her calm confidence in our abilities was a huge help in getting us through our first week. I am beyond excited for next week's clinic endeavors! 

That's all for now, as there are three botanical prescriptions and an online quiz to complete before tomorrow!

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