Pumpkin Carving, Pumpkin Seeds, and Pumpkin Pie

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Happy Halloween!! I am pretty sure I have overdosed on pumpkin this weekend!! It all started with breakfast this morning being pumping pancakes… followed by pumpkin carving, pumpkin seed roasting and pumpkin pie baking! Now, I am enjoying the glow of my pumpkin on the porch while watching scary movies! I normally absolutely detest scary movies but 'tis the season! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and I fully enjoyed it this year! 

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Clinic News

A group of students from a local high school came to visit National this past week to learn about alternative medicine. An intern from the chiropractic program, and intern from the acupuncture and oriental medicine program, and one of my fellow clinic interns from the naturopathic program presented on our respective programs and what each of the professions can do for patients. Many students were fascinated about the naturopathic program and wanted more information on how to become a naturopathic doctor! I am so happy that young students are being exposed to the naturopathic profession because had I known of this medical pathway way back when I was starting out on my college career I would have made different decisions for sure! 

Campus Visit Day

Speaking of future naturopathic doctors, Campus Visit Day will be held next weekend. As it stands now, the stats for visitors are almost 50/50 for ND-interested students and DC-interested students. This is a first for Campus Visit Day for sure! Usually, there is an overwhelming amount of DC prospect students coming from far and wide to check out the school for Campus Visit Day, but with the ND program growing interest we are starting to have a greater presence on campus! I will be at Campus Visit Day this weekend to answer questions of prospective students and to help give tours of the campus. Come and join if you can!

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Have a spook-tacular week!!

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