Pomegranate Explosion

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It's the time for pomegranates and while shopping for groceries today I felt inclined to purchase my first one of the season. I found that if you cut the pomegranate in a bowl of water that the seeds sink to the bottom and the rest of the fruit floats on top of the water. This makes it easier to get the seeds out and makes the whole process much less messy. I also have found from past experience that pomegranate seeds stain clothing permanently…so be very careful when eating!! 

You would think with how time consuming it is to cut a pomegranate that I would have been more cautious when putting the seeds into the refrigerator. Unfortunately, I set the dish full of seeds on the edge of the counter, which got promptly knocked to the floor. I stood there for a minute looking at the seed-covered kitchen and decided instead of crying about the mess that I would blog about it!  Luckily I managed to salvage a small bowl of seeds that I thoroughly enjoyed. I recommend that everyone attempt to cut a pomegranate at least once… it really makes you appreciate the fruit of your labor! By the way, pomegranates contain powerful anti-oxidants that are good for blood vessel health, cancer prevention and allergies. There are many health claims when it comes to pomegranates.... but one thing I know for sure... they are Delicious!!! 

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The Patriots 

This weekend, my boyfriend hosted his mom who came in town from Boston. She brought me the cutest little Patriots shirt to wear for Sunday's game, as the family members are diehard New England Patriots fans. Being a sport, I wore the shirt over to watch the game, but kept my fleece zipped up to my neck until I was inside! I can't let anyone see me in a Patriots shirt in Bears territory!  I am only kidding… I don't mind who sees me in a New England shirt… but I do believe I was in the minority in the city of Chicago as far as Patriots fans go! 

Ashley -Patriots -T-shirt

Campus Visit Day

This weekend was the final Campus Visit Day of 2010. I spent the whole day with prospective naturopathic students answering questions and leading them through the various stations set up for the day. They day started out with breakfast and a welcome from the president, Dr. Winterstein. Then the guests split up into groups based on their program of interest and were sent off for a busy day of simulated patient care, sample class lectures, student and alumni panels, and an overview of the admissions process. I always feel honored to share my experience at National and leave the day feeling even more enthusiastic with my decision to become a naturopath! I remember the Campus Visit Day I attended way back in 2005 with my father that helped me make my decision to come to NUHS… so long ago! We were definitely impressed and that is ultimately the reason why I am here!

I hope everyone got to enjoy this mild weathered weekend, as the cold weather will be here to stay soon enough! Until next week, be well!

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