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Boy, do I have a BIG case of Senioritis! We've talked about motivation before, about how to stay motivated, studying for midterms, etc. But this is a whole new level of short-timer's syndrome. Surely you all know what I mean. It's -- day before vacation, Friday afternoon, last week of school -- syndrome. The unfortunate thing is, I don't think I'm classified as a senior yet. 

Last week, Forest (age 14) and I were talking about school. It seems that we're both lacking in motivation (except I seem to hide it a little bit better). During this conversation he said to me, "Mom, I've had senioritis since the 5th grade" -- to which I laughed. He's in 9th grade now. But I know exactly what he means. Being in 7th Tri provides just a bit of a tease regarding being done (writing business plans, talking about practices, etc.). The fact that we keep talking about clinic is a pretty big deal. We've already started talking about schedules. It's coming quick. I can't wait. As far as Forest and his senioritis, he's got a good bit longer to go than I do. It'll probably be a bit more of a struggle for him than for me. Until then, we'll have to keep tabs on our goofing off and not doing schoolwork.

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One thing that people don't really talk about outside of school (at least it seems that way) is variation. When you get to cadaver lab, you'll see how vastly different things are from body to body. Sometimes an artery is on the medial side of the muscle -- sometimes the lateral. Maybe there's a split in the vein and maybe there isn't. I happen to know that none of my nerves in my head and face are in the "right" spot. I have a condition known as a Chiari malformation. I tell everyone that my brain is too big for my skull -- which is actually true (but still funny). But the fact that the junction where most of the cranial nerves exit is lower in the head has made for interesting positioning as far as the rest of them. My dentists are always (not) amused if I need work done. And we figured out that regarding acupuncture of the head (on Saturday), it's not necessarily a good idea for me.

So, regardless of the condition or the modality, it's important to remember that not all people are wired the same, have the same sensitivities, or respond to therapies the same way. There is no "one size fits all" approach. The idea of "protocols" is a trap that we can fall into -- but we have to keep in mind, that our patients are individuals with unique bodies and unique needs.

Dave and Ricky

In Modalities this morning, we were experimenting with TENS units. Since it didn't happen last week, I wasn't going to include it in this week's post, but the reactions were priceless. Ricky and Dave decided to "exercise" (or maybe it was exorcise, LOL) the digitorum profundus.

Have a great week, everybody!!!!