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Happy Week 8 Everybody!

OK, I realize it's midterms and probably not that happy of a week, but remember--we're now over halfway done with this tri. At the very least, we're checking off boxes and meeting milestones. That alone, is an accomplishment. 

Also for those that just received board scores back, Congratulations. Just getting to this point is a HUGE accomplishment.

It's a big week down here for Tri 6. Those taking an elective (not me) have 6 exams. The rest of us have 5. Three of those exams are for different radiology courses--which are admittedly not my forte. Sometimes all the radiopaque and radiolucent areas look like blobs, swirls, and blurs, rather than tumors, cysts, and sclerosis. I'll do what I can. Sometimes that's all we can do. Do what we can and hope for the best. Maybe by the end of my education, I'll be conditioned to be prepared for the amount of exams at midterms and finals. Right now though, it's still a shock. I would much rather have one exam a week. Wait. Let me think about that some more. Maybe not.

The master's program is going fairly well. There's a LOT of work, but I'm learning a tremendous amount. One of the most difficult tasks was trying to redesign and interpret the functional medicine tree--which basically outlines all the factors involved in considering a patient and their conditions. I ended up redrawing the entire tree and turning it into more of a schematic, adding a bunch of stuff in there. It's not pretty, but I'll include that here for your perusal. Let me know what you think. I'm definitely open to feedback. Did I leave anything out?

Astra Tree
(Click image for full size version.)

That's it from me. Good luck with midterms and everything else you have going on. We'll see you next week. You'll be fine. Everything's gonna be fine.

Oh, the Places You'll Go - Thinking About Moving

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

It's been an interesting week. I can honestly say I don't much know what to do with myself since there aren't any boards to study for, and it's early in the trimester so there aren't exams (not that there aren't things to study--mind you). We have had quizzes and assignments already. The professors certainly aren't wasting any time! Last week was the first full week of school for me--since we were taking boards the previous week. It was a LONG week.

Photo of Dali museum
DalĂ­ Museum

The 6th Tri schedule is pretty long and involved. I feel like we're moving classrooms and changing topics every few minutes. Everything from Pediatrics to Rehab is on the docket. But, we have a couple of projects in different classes that are tied together. Both of which are associated with where we'll be in just a couple of years.

In marketing, we're challenged with setting up a business plan--a real one. That means I have to research where I think I might set up my practice, what type of practice I want to have, the cost of setting up and maintaining a practice, and a million other things. I'll be honest. I'm a little overwhelmed. On one hand it seems a little bit premature, and at the same time, now is the time to do all of this research--before I'm in the clinic and focused on working.

 Photo of St. Pete at dusk
St. Pete at Dusk

So, the quest is on. I already know what kind of practice I'll have (Go Functional Med!), but I have no idea where. So I'm looking into scope of practice in a variety of locations. From there I'll be searching demographics--to see if the area can support a practice of this type, and also--if I'd even want to live there. One more slight complication--are any of these locations anywhere near where Grey wants to go to college?

So, things can never be simple--can they? I accept this challenge. It's exciting--to be thinking about and essentially planning that kind of future--the one where I'm done with school. Honestly, I can't remember a time when I wasn't in school (well I can, but it's been a WHILE). All this work that I've been doing--that all of us have been doing--is starting to come to fruition. We're building our futures. That's pretty exciting!

Post-Boards Decompression

Welcome back! How was your break?

I'm fresh from Part 1 of NBCE board exams. I'm still not sure that I've recovered brain function--but I'm here. So, while I'm still thinking about boards and analyzing my weekend experience, I'll give all of you my thoughts on the matter. Here we go.

mahaffey theatre
Mahaffey Theatre

Andrea's Post-Board Decompression Thoughts

  1. No matter what you do or how long you study, there will be something that you missed. It's OK. You're not alone in this. There were lots of things that I missed. I hope it all comes out in the wash. As with all exams of this nature--it's impossible to re-cover everything.
  2. If there's a topic that you think you've "got," you HAVE to study it again anyway. I don't know how many people I heard say, "I thought I had (insert subject name here) down; man I wish I'd studied that more." I felt the same way. The topics I thought I "had" were the hardest for me. Other topics I knew I didn't have--so I studied them more and I felt less uncomfortable in those exams.
  3. These tests are NOT a good assessment of knowledge. They're just board exams. Maybe the board thinks they're a good assessment of knowledge--BUT, I kept thinking of how many exam questions I've answered on those topics, and how many times I've thought how they should've asked this or that and didn't. So take all of those questions in all of those topics and reduce the number of questions to 110 spanning entire areas of study. There are volumes of information that aren't covered.
  4. If there's a topic that you know you are weak in--study it harder (and then study it some more). There's no way to know what topics, questions, areas within areas are going to be on the board. They might harp on things you don't know or they might hand you all the topics you do know with a big pretty bow on them. There's absolutely no way of knowing. There were times when I was immensely grateful for the types of questions I was being asked, and times when I thought, "If I had another week to focus on THAT, then I would've gotten a perfect score" (haha).
  5. Time passes much faster while filling in those dots than it does anywhere else in the Universe. I would look at what seemed like 5 minutes after starting the exam, and 45+ minutes had passed. It really struck me during the first exam. Some tests are more doable in the time given than others. Some people were ALWAYS done with 30 or more minutes left. The first exam, I finished with barely 3 minutes left. The last one I finished with 47 minutes left. Some times the topic mattered and other times it didn't. The number of questions was always the same. I think by the end I just wanted to be "Done" (and so did everyone else).
  6. The whole 2 days is pretty surreal. It's not just that I was in a different place with different people doing different things. The weekend definitely had significance to it (other than that I was taking boards LOL).
  7. It was definitely an experience.  

St. Pete Marina
St. Pete Marina

So, now I go headfirst into Tri 6! WOW! There are lots of classes this tri. It seems that we're moving rooms nearly every hour. I think it's going to go fast. Christmas will be here before we know it.

Have a Great Tri, everybody. I'll see you next week!