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Time Is Flying

The last week has been a total blur. Time is speeding up and things are going faster. It's one of those times in the tri when I look back and go--it's week what?--and also look forward and groan. Coming up we have the start of exams (first one is this coming Friday), midterms, and signing up/studying for boards. We have until July 2nd to sign up. I received a notification email this last week about it. That reminds me--I need to do something about that.

On the homefront, I'm slowly getting things settled in the house--still unpacking boxes and looking for things, but I've finally got all my books unpacked. I've been looking for one specific book on preparing herbal remedies for a few weeks. I've promised to share it with Dr. Martin. We've talked about hydrosols (which are a bit like essential oils but easier to make). It's a great book and I highly recommend it. The title is The Medicine Maker's Handbook by James Green. He also has an excellent book called The Male Herbal. If you're interested in working with herbs and men's health, it's a must-have.

My library has grown a bit over the last couple of years. I've acquired books that the school library was getting rid of, along with a few purchased on a whim (never a good idea) and I'm thinking it's time to do some culling. Perhaps one of life's lessons I've learned is to only keep in your life what you use/love. Books definitely fall into this category. There's still SO much to learn/know, not just about medicinals, but everything else. One can never know too much (although I've figured out when it comes to test questions, this is debatable). I'm still looking for resources on Ayurvedic and Native American medicine, as well as all of my other interests.

The boys' last day of school is Wednesday. They're thrilled to be done and trying to plan their whole summer with video games and hanging out with friends. Instead, they'll be visiting family members around the country for the majority of the summer. I'm thankful that they're older and able to run things at home while I'm at school, but I'm sure there will be ferrying about to random events over the remaining 10 weeks. It just so happens that our next break is right when they go back, so no family vacation for us, unfortunately. They enjoy the time to decompress, just like I do, when there's time off. It's officially summer.

I'm already planning for next weekend to be a quiet one spent studying and working around the house. It's time to make more progress on the garden and to get unpacked once and for all. It's hard to imagine it's been almost a month since I've moved in. I still catch myself driving towards my old place--old habits die hard. I've not figured out a solid routine yet. I've been dreaming of the garden and which medicinals and foods to grow.

Saturday night, I had the great joy of hearing, and seeing, George Clinton at Ferg's in downtown St Pete. I didn't take any pictures - the crowd was a wee bit rowdy. But it was a great show. I always expect small, live venues to be awful, but it was amazing. He's still just as talented as he was "back in the day." So, in closing for this week, here's a bit of George Clinton for everybody. Brace yourselves--this is just a wee bit funky.

Have a great week!

And We're Underway

I can't believe we're already going on the 3rd week of school! How did that happen? This week not only marks Week 3 of school, but also the Tri Mixer. Friday night, members from all (I hope) tris will convene for a wee bit of team building. It never fails that I meet someone I didn't know from another class. It should be an interesting time. (Don't worry; I'll take pictures--but not incriminating ones.)

An egret at the Coffee Pot Bayou.

I'm still REALLY enjoying botanical medicine. It's encouraging me to review everything I've learned before. In fact, I'm reviewing old books and notes right now (as I'm writing this for all of you). I'm always amazed at what we can do with what comes naturally. Of course with each bit of reading that I do, the list for my medicinal herb garden grows. I should have a nice start here in a few weeks. Even with the Florida sun and heat I hope to put in some seed soon. My father was kind enough to contribute some mullein (lamb's ear). I planted it today, in fact. If you're not familiar with mullein, there are two parts of the plant that are commonly used: the flowers and the leaves. I like the leaves because they're VERY fuzzy and good for topical treatments (and also fun to pet). The flowers are used for respiratory tract issues. Don't try this at home without consulting some references first. Plants are medicine too!

A manatee at the Coffee Pot Bayou.

I'm happy to report that I'll be the student research assistant for Dr. Mabel Chang! I met with her last week about some of the projects she has going. One, in particular, I'm extremely excited about. She's collected a lot of information about scope of practice throughout the U.S. and provinces. I was thrilled when I found out! I've been starting to research where to practice myself--looking at scope, rights, and contemplating all the implications. I can't wait to get my hands on the data.

I wonder what will come next. Always an adventure...

The Coffee Pot Bayou.

All Study and No Play

All study and no play make Andrea...a smart girl. There's only one problem with that; it also makes Andrea a stressed-out girl. This week I was reminded, once again, about the profound need to manage stress while in school. It's so easy to get sucked into studying and leave everything else behind, or worse, to get super stressed out by everything that's going on at school and take it out on everything and everyone else. As we're coming up on midterms, I have to remind myself to take some time--for myself. This week marks our first exam of the term. I know at least one of the other tris has 3 exams this week. I hope all goes well for ALL of us. (Good Luck everybody! If you need notes, you know who to call.)

I admit that there were more than a few moments this last week where I really needed to take a moment. Thankfully, I had some really great friends and classmates who were very generous with their pep talks. Special thanks to Julia and Jacqlyn. You guys are awesome!

While my classmates were watching the Super Bowl, I was working on my presentation for Diet and Nutrition. Have I mentioned how much I love this class? My topic is Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids. Yes I know it sounds incredibly boring at first glance, but I've found information on everything from cell signaling to treatment for schizophrenia. Right now I'm compiling insane amounts of information. At current count, I have 81 slides. I think it's supposed to be 30. Oops! It's all just so important. I'll figure it out. There will be a supplemental packet given to my classmates of diagrams and resources not included in my presentation. Hopefully that will suffice. (And I promise, guys, I won't bore you with the whole 81 slides!)


Even though I'm a chiropractic student, one of my passions for the last few years has been botanicals. Prior to last tri, I'd gotten into the habit of making a lot of my own medicine. It's a really great skill to have--to be able to put together some type of concoction targeted towards a specific cause. I was asked this weekend, to come up with a formulary for treating UTI. I'm going to be working on that a bit this week. I typically recommend cranberry extract/juice (as pure as possible), but that doesn't always work for everyone. I suspect that this formulary will have Oregon Grape Root (natural antibiotic, for the berberine), and probably a few other items. Of course there are other benefits to making my own medicine; besides the whole self-reliance thing, it really caters to my "mad scientist" side.

So, if you're studying this week, or getting ready to study... If you're preparing for something big, or thinking about preparing... If you're blowing things up in the kitchen, or just thinking it's a REALLY good idea (to have the fire extinguisher ready)... Here's a little inspiration:

Have an Awesome Week Everybody!!!!