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Another Week, Another Blog Posting

How are everyone's midterms going? I'm on break from the master's program. I had finals last week. I'm glad to have a couple of weeks off to catch up on a few things, including all the reading that I didn't get done during the quarter. My pile is still astronomically large. We'll see how much I can get done. I figure if I don't get it done before classes start there again, it's probably a lost cause.

Last weekend, my friend and classmate Julia, went to homecoming at the main campus in Lombard. I want to say, to everyone there in Lombard, thanks for taking such great care of her! She had glowing remarks for everyone that she met. There were meetings and events, information sessions, etc. She was able to meet Dr. James Cox (of Cox flexion-distraction fame), and many of our illustrious alumni.

Dr. Strauss and Florida students with Dr. Cox at Homecoming

Julia was able to reassure us students about one of the issues that we find frustrating. We are always hearing that we'll not be able to find jobs or make a decent salary. Even though I've yet to meet anyone at school that's "in it for the money," we're all hoping that we'll be able to make enough to at least pay back our student loans, and maybe have enough for food. Even speakers that have come to the school (non-alumni) have commented that it would be tough for us to make a living.

The problem is, with all of my research, and all of the alums that I've spoken to and heard from indirectly, this is FAR from the case. Julia confirmed this when she spoke with alumni at homecoming. She said that everyone that was doing VERY well for themselves. People were not only successful and able to pay back their loans, but also contribute back to the school. It was inspirational for her that not only would we be out and in the community, but thriving. I'm glad she shared that with me, because I needed the inspiration as well.

We're finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's halfway through 8th Tri. In a few months, we'll only be in the clinic. No more classes. No more random exams. No more quizzes, papers, or random presentations. It's been REALLY easy to lose track of time this tri. Alarmingly easy. I've been caught up with patients, in my own stuff, with the master's, and classes. I honestly can't wait for classes to be over.

I was asked today how I liked clinic. I've said this before, and I'll say it again -- I love it. I love the idea of being able to do this every day. Even with the challenging cases (my favorites), the idea of being challenged to learn all the time is exciting. I never know what I'm walking into, and I find that absolutely enthralling. I can't imagine any kind of job, ever, that would be anything like this. When I'm in clinic working, I am more than pleased with my choice.

Have a great week everybody!

Oh, the Places You'll Go - Thinking About Moving

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

It's been an interesting week. I can honestly say I don't much know what to do with myself since there aren't any boards to study for, and it's early in the trimester so there aren't exams (not that there aren't things to study--mind you). We have had quizzes and assignments already. The professors certainly aren't wasting any time! Last week was the first full week of school for me--since we were taking boards the previous week. It was a LONG week.

Photo of Dali museum
Dalí Museum

The 6th Tri schedule is pretty long and involved. I feel like we're moving classrooms and changing topics every few minutes. Everything from Pediatrics to Rehab is on the docket. But, we have a couple of projects in different classes that are tied together. Both of which are associated with where we'll be in just a couple of years.

In marketing, we're challenged with setting up a business plan--a real one. That means I have to research where I think I might set up my practice, what type of practice I want to have, the cost of setting up and maintaining a practice, and a million other things. I'll be honest. I'm a little overwhelmed. On one hand it seems a little bit premature, and at the same time, now is the time to do all of this research--before I'm in the clinic and focused on working.

 Photo of St. Pete at dusk
St. Pete at Dusk

So, the quest is on. I already know what kind of practice I'll have (Go Functional Med!), but I have no idea where. So I'm looking into scope of practice in a variety of locations. From there I'll be searching demographics--to see if the area can support a practice of this type, and also--if I'd even want to live there. One more slight complication--are any of these locations anywhere near where Grey wants to go to college?

So, things can never be simple--can they? I accept this challenge. It's exciting--to be thinking about and essentially planning that kind of future--the one where I'm done with school. Honestly, I can't remember a time when I wasn't in school (well I can, but it's been a WHILE). All this work that I've been doing--that all of us have been doing--is starting to come to fruition. We're building our futures. That's pretty exciting!