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Summer in Florida

Here we are. Summer is upon us. Memorial Day is over and we're headlong into the throes of the tri and Florida summer. I'm sure it didn't get below 85ยบ during the day here this weekend. More than a few times I thought to myself, "Man, this is going to be a hot and miserable summer." And yet, I always make it through (hydration is key!). 


Friday night was the Tri Mixer! We had a great turnout at Ten Pin bowling. Strikes and spares were made, gutter balls were thrown, and a good time was had by all. It's always great to see students from other tris--especially now that my tri is in the Annex all the time. I miss many of the students that we used to have classes with/around. It's also great to see those tris ahead of us that are now in clinic, including those that are just about to graduate. It was just good to see everybody! Drew organized a fantastic event. I wonder what next tri's mixer will be like.


On Saturday, I participated in the March against Monsanto through downtown St. Pete. The controversial topic of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) has been near and dear to my heart since I was in high school, and I felt strongly about voicing my opinion. About 500 people--young, young at heart, and everywhere in between--descended on downtown St. Pete on Saturday afternoon to express their concerns about the growing threat of genetically modified organisms in our food supply.


Several different organizations participated--Seeds of Change, Good Earth Market, We Are Change, and several others. People had great signs, and while rather vocal, the march was peaceful and with the support of onlookers and drivers-by. My good friend, Jacqlyn participated in the March in Sarasota, where they had a bit fewer people, but their presence was just as strong.


For more information about GMOs:

Have a great week, everybody!