Motivation and Inspiration

It must've been sometime around my sophomore year in high school, when I was taking World History, that I realized that if I had motivation to do something, anything, it would get done. It wasn't that World History was all that difficult; it was that I had absolutely no interest in it. I had no motivation--whatsoever. 

Finals are the time when I have to find the motivation to keep going--when I have to find things to keep me motivated to make it through. So, below I am listing a few things that are giving me motivation.

  1. As of the writing of this blog article, I have approximately 625 calendar days until I graduate.
  2. In 9 school days, Tri 5 will be over.
  3. Tomorrow, I'll learn something that I didn't know today.
  4. Both of my kids will soon be on the same school schedule (High School -- yikes!).
  5. Part I of Boards is the first week in September (good and bad -- but a milestone, nonetheless).
  6. In less than 2 weeks, I'll be on break, which means I can refocus and take time (even though I'll be studying for boards).

This is just a smattering of things floating around in my head.

Sometimes, we need a little inspiration. This morning I heard board pass rate statistics (Go National!), which are not too shabby. I've caught a few videos on YouTube and Facebook encouraging me to keep going (a little bit of inspiration never hurts). I've been sent a million cute pictures of cats and maybe even more quotes superimposed on beautiful mountain scenery.

The best motivation, however, is the desire to know. I look at most of my classes as a tease. We're exposed to some small snippet of factoid about some condition, some biochemistry, some physiology, or some treatment. It might be enough to pass the boards. It might even be enough for some people to use in their practice later on. But for most of us, it's just a primer for what we need to know. Every time I come across someone that has an issue that I don't know the answer to, it encourages me to learn--the more obscure the issue, the greater the learning opportunity. These opportunities fuel me.

Finals start this week. Adrenaline keeps me moving, but inspiration keeps me going. What motivates you? What inspires you?

I wish you great fortune on finals, everyone. See you in a few weeks.