Seize the Day

It occurred to me, yesterday morning that you never know what can happen. One moment in time can change everything. We spend so much of our time working towards something--our education, a better income, job, house, car, etc., etc. We often forget to savor the moment.

I keep thinking back on my experience in the mountains, about one friend in particular, who viewed every single thing with absolute Joy. It was like seeing something for the first time or finally understanding something that we'd been struggling with. You know that feeling, right? It's the moment when something, some idea, suddenly sinks in and it's such a beautiful thing. I marvel at that Joy. Sometimes I see it in my classmates. Mostly I see it in children when they experience something for the first time.

In my former life, I had the amazing experience of volunteering for a hippotherapy organization. If you're not familiar with hippotherapy--it's using horses as physical therapy for posture, body control, and many other things. I worked with all ages and disorders, but mostly with children with autism and cerebral palsy. Joy. Every moment of every day spent volunteering there was Joy. The moment they made an accomplishment, were able to sustain a movement, sit up straight--each time, pure Joy.

We spend so much time working towards our goals that we forget to experience Joy. It's not as simple as taking time for ourselves. That's important, too. What I mean is--smell the roses, chase the rainbows, seize the day.

A good friend of mine lost someone that she loved dearly this past week. I've stood by her as she's struggled to get a handle on her life, her relationship with that oldest and dearest friend, and figure out where to go from here. Every word I've heard uttered about that friend was that she enjoyed the experience of Life and relished it. But every time we lose someone that we love, there's always some form of sadness or regret--regret that we didn't get to spend more time with them, or that we said or did the wrong thing, or that they had so much more to experience in their own lives.

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In 1989, a movie came out called "Dead Poet's Society." This movie, which I highly recommend, talks about sadness, loss, and regret--what happens when we miss our lives because we're focused on the wrong things. The phrase, Carpe Diem, gained its popularity from this film. It means, if you're not familiar, Seize the Day.

My challenge to all of you reading is this: Don't put off until tomorrow what you could do today. Don't hesitate to tell someone that you love them. Don't hesitate to show your love. Don't put off learning something that you want to learn. And whatever you do, don't let another day go by with one ounce of regret. Make it count.