Time Is Flying

The last week has been a total blur. Time is speeding up and things are going faster. It's one of those times in the tri when I look back and go--it's week what?--and also look forward and groan. Coming up we have the start of exams (first one is this coming Friday), midterms, and signing up/studying for boards. We have until July 2nd to sign up. I received a notification email this last week about it. That reminds me--I need to do something about that.

On the homefront, I'm slowly getting things settled in the house--still unpacking boxes and looking for things, but I've finally got all my books unpacked. I've been looking for one specific book on preparing herbal remedies for a few weeks. I've promised to share it with Dr. Martin. We've talked about hydrosols (which are a bit like essential oils but easier to make). It's a great book and I highly recommend it. The title is The Medicine Maker's Handbook by James Green. He also has an excellent book called The Male Herbal. If you're interested in working with herbs and men's health, it's a must-have.

My library has grown a bit over the last couple of years. I've acquired books that the school library was getting rid of, along with a few purchased on a whim (never a good idea) and I'm thinking it's time to do some culling. Perhaps one of life's lessons I've learned is to only keep in your life what you use/love. Books definitely fall into this category. There's still SO much to learn/know, not just about medicinals, but everything else. One can never know too much (although I've figured out when it comes to test questions, this is debatable). I'm still looking for resources on Ayurvedic and Native American medicine, as well as all of my other interests.

The boys' last day of school is Wednesday. They're thrilled to be done and trying to plan their whole summer with video games and hanging out with friends. Instead, they'll be visiting family members around the country for the majority of the summer. I'm thankful that they're older and able to run things at home while I'm at school, but I'm sure there will be ferrying about to random events over the remaining 10 weeks. It just so happens that our next break is right when they go back, so no family vacation for us, unfortunately. They enjoy the time to decompress, just like I do, when there's time off. It's officially summer.

I'm already planning for next weekend to be a quiet one spent studying and working around the house. It's time to make more progress on the garden and to get unpacked once and for all. It's hard to imagine it's been almost a month since I've moved in. I still catch myself driving towards my old place--old habits die hard. I've not figured out a solid routine yet. I've been dreaming of the garden and which medicinals and foods to grow.

Saturday night, I had the great joy of hearing, and seeing, George Clinton at Ferg's in downtown St Pete. I didn't take any pictures - the crowd was a wee bit rowdy. But it was a great show. I always expect small, live venues to be awful, but it was amazing. He's still just as talented as he was "back in the day." So, in closing for this week, here's a bit of George Clinton for everybody. Brace yourselves--this is just a wee bit funky.

Have a great week!