On to Phase 2

Did everybody have a good break? Did you even get a break? Finals are over! We all survived (endured, even). From what I can tell, everybody did really well. Mostly, I think we're glad that we've made it through all the basic sciences and are now in clinical sciences. WHOOOHOOO!!!!! I can't believe we're finally in Phase 2! 

Photo of Treasure Island Drum Circle
Treasure Island drum circle

All of our class scattered to the wind--Europe, New Jersey, all over the globe! I had an especially busy break. I spent the first week looking for a new place to live, and then the second week in Illinois. I drove to see my folks (and extended family) in Central Illinois. The trip was AMAZING! I've forgotten how much I miss the Midwest (did I just say that out loud?), and how much I miss my family.

I grew up out in the country, amidst farmland and such. I literally spent 2+ days up to my waist in dirt. It was pure heaven. I planted perennials in one of their flowerbeds that will hopefully take over and be low maintenance (and fodder for my mom to watch from the kitchen window). It's got me all psyched to do some gardening of my own (in between studying, of course). 

The first week of school was both a trial and a triumph. I received the go-ahead to move into my new place on Monday, so I started moving boxes and such into the garage. They are still fixing random stuff in the house. At 2am Sunday morning, I finished moving the last of the stuff out. Special thanks to my classmates and friends, Jacqlyn, Julia, and Alid for all of their help. Julia, Alid, Grey (my son), and myself moved ALL of the heavy furniture in less than 3 hours! They were, as Dr. S puts it, "machines!" I couldn't have done any of this without you guys--all my love and undying gratitude. I mean it! 

So, other than unpacking and getting things sorted, I'm back to school. The class schedule looks like it's doable, but it's gonna be a toughie! Two classes with Dr. S (although one is early in the morning when I'm not yet awake--I wonder if he's noticed), several other interesting ones, and my favorite: Botanical Medicine (Yes, I'm being serious). I've taken Bot Med under different headings/schools before, and I practice a little home chemistry in making my own medicine. I have for several years. In my not-so-humble opinion, you can never know too much about medicinal plants! I've already obligated myself to showing how to make hydrosols, which are like essential oils but can be made at home and not quite as strong. Now if I could just find that book. Where did I pack that thing?

I'm looking forward to an exciting tri--morning classes and all. 

Photo of Treasure Island beach
Treasure Island beach

Incidentally, it's hotter than Hades' vacation spot down here in the old FL. Summer has definitely arrived. Stay cool and hydrated, kiddies. If anybody has any garden requests for me, let me know. I'll be putting seeds/plants in as soon as I can.

Welcome back! (I know I'm glad to be here!)