Finals are Upon Us

This'll probably be my shortest blog to date. I'm convinced that if I don't spend nearly every waking moment studying, I might miss something. There are 3 finals this week (including the E & M practical) and 6 next week. There's some switch that happens in my brain around this time. It's a cross between "panic" and "drive"--and it vacillates between the two of them. 

I always rethink what I've done over the trimester and how I could've planned just a little bit better (so there's less panic and more drive). I will always be compiling notes at the last moment. I will always be reviewing until right before the exams. I'm not sure how I could do things differently. Perhaps it's reading more, earlier, or writing notes sooner. I will probably ALWAYS wonder if there's something else, unless I come up with the "perfect" way to study (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). 

But, as it stands right now, the schedule is set. I am behind in some things and ahead in others. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. Trips to the store for fresh, healthy food have been planned. Gym visits are on my schedule. Notes are being compiled and edited. Checklists are being made (man, I wish I'd ordered that ink!) and things are getting done. 

I had the GREAT pleasure of reviewing for the E & M practical with Alid and Julia from my class, and Jacqlyn from another tri. It was good to review things that I've done before, and also good to get the critiques of my classmates. I think we'll be aptly prepared for Tuesday (when we all have our practicals) and then that will be one more thing to check off of our list; one more accomplishment; one step closer to graduation! So, special thanks to all of them for lending their expertise, their brains, and their support (and Julia for the use of her gorgeous home). 

As you're all studying for exams (and boards), remember to sleep, focus, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water. All of this will be over before we know it. 

I'm "off" for a few weeks. I promise I'll be collecting great pictures of my adventures over the break and hopefully be rested and revived for the next tri's adventures. See you all soon!