Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's been unseasonably cold here for the last several days. I know; I know. For those of you that live in the "Great White North" (any place above Orlando, pretty much), you'd think this was a picnic. But for those of us that have been down here long enough to have "thin blood", it's freezing. 

When I think back to when I was a kid--we'd go outside in 3+ feet of snow barefoot. I can't even imagine doing anything like that now. Now it becomes parka weather when it's below 60. I take solace in knowing what the weather will be like next weekend (at least the predictions) and also that I've had to be inside studying for midterms--so it's not like I've missed anything. Next weekend will be a different story--a welcome break in between sets of exams. Ahhh. Yes. Thank You. 


I've admittedly been having a tough week. Trials and tribulations with my own issues as well as issues "back home". We all hope and work for the best, but sometimes it doesn't happen that way. We do what we can and try to remind ourselves that it's all going to be OK. I was writing that on the chalkboards in some of the classrooms. It's not just midterms and finals that stress us out. I don't know how many pep talks I've given over the last 2 weeks, but I'm extremely grateful for the ones I've received. A special thanks to Super Vito. I'm gonna make you a cape, my friend. 

It's a rarity that any of us come through this unscathed. Whether it's a health issue, a break up, a family member, a new relationship, a child, or any number of other reasons--there are more than enough things to distract us from what we're trying to do. Sometimes it's hard to keep those priorities straight. Sometimes all of those other things take priority over school. Above all, it comes down to taking care of ourselves. It's a new thing for me to stop and take a step back when I'm reaching my breaking point. I'm still working on that. 

The most important thing to remember, when I'm NOT coming through unscathed, is to be a little gentle with myself. Forgive myself. Take care of myself. It really does make all the difference. 


Our pictures today are of the St. Pete Pier--from either direction. The pier building itself is set to be demolished sometime soon. It's been an icon of the town for decades. I've seen the designs for its replacement. It's interesting--somewhere between the Jetsons, the Sydney Opera house and tinker toys--but I'm going to reserve final judgment for when it's all done. We shall see. If you're around town for the 4th of July, they usually do an AMAZING fireworks show over the pier and on either side of it. Of course, I know the best spots to watch it--without being stuck in all the traffic. But those are pics and stories for a different day. 

Study hard, folks. But most importantly, remember what's important. Only you can decide that.