Happy Week 8 Everybody!

OK, I realize it's midterms and probably not that happy of a week, but remember--we're now over halfway done with this tri. At the very least, we're checking off boxes and meeting milestones. That alone, is an accomplishment. 

Also for those that just received board scores back, Congratulations. Just getting to this point is a HUGE accomplishment.

It's a big week down here for Tri 6. Those taking an elective (not me) have 6 exams. The rest of us have 5. Three of those exams are for different radiology courses--which are admittedly not my forte. Sometimes all the radiopaque and radiolucent areas look like blobs, swirls, and blurs, rather than tumors, cysts, and sclerosis. I'll do what I can. Sometimes that's all we can do. Do what we can and hope for the best. Maybe by the end of my education, I'll be conditioned to be prepared for the amount of exams at midterms and finals. Right now though, it's still a shock. I would much rather have one exam a week. Wait. Let me think about that some more. Maybe not.

The master's program is going fairly well. There's a LOT of work, but I'm learning a tremendous amount. One of the most difficult tasks was trying to redesign and interpret the functional medicine tree--which basically outlines all the factors involved in considering a patient and their conditions. I ended up redrawing the entire tree and turning it into more of a schematic, adding a bunch of stuff in there. It's not pretty, but I'll include that here for your perusal. Let me know what you think. I'm definitely open to feedback. Did I leave anything out?

Astra Tree
(Click image for full size version.)

That's it from me. Good luck with midterms and everything else you have going on. We'll see you next week. You'll be fine. Everything's gonna be fine.