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Receiving Your Aid

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Receiving Your Aid

Once your financial aid award has been determined, you will be sent an Award Letter reviewing the aid you are being offered. You will then be required to complete the process outlined below.

Disclaimer: The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to reduce or cancel awards based on funding levels, changes in enrollment, reduction of costs, or other events that may affect a student’s funding level and/or eligibility.

Your Next Steps

Step 1
Review all awards sent to you on your Award Letter. Included with the Award Letter is financial aid information about your program of study (tuition rate, Pell Grant, Illinois State Scholarships, employment and more).

Step 2
Decide which aid you would like to accept, and which you would like to decline or reduce a loan amount. If you accept all aid as listed, do not return the Award Letter. However, if you decline or reduce a loan amount, note the changes on one Award Letter copy and return it to the Office of Financial Aid.

  • Grants/scholarships are “free money” and do not need to be repaid.
  • You would then want to accept the lowest interest rate loan listed first, and continue accepting aid amounts until you have taken out how much you think you will need for the period of time showing on your Award Letter.
  • If you would like to borrow less in any specific loan program than the amount indicated, make the change on the copy you send back.
  • Sign, date and return the Award Letter copy with any changes to the Office of Financial Aid.

Step 3
Complete all necessary loan paperwork based upon the aid you accept. All loan programs require borrowers to complete additional paperwork:

Type of Assistance Steps to Complete
Federal Direct Loan and Graduate PLUS Loan

1. Entrance Counseling - For all first-time borrowers at NUHS. Completing graduate level Entrance Counseling meets requirements for both Direct and Graduate PLUS loans. (Review documents in your Student Portal to confirm status.)

2. Direct Loan Master Promissory Note

3. Graduate PLUS Master Promissory Note

Federal Perkins Loan

1. Entrance Counseling Session (Click on "Entrance Counseling - Perkins Entrance")

2. First-time recipients will be sent the Perkins Master Promissory Note to sign and return to the Office of Financial Services.

Award Notifications After First Trimester

Paper award letters are sent out to incoming students once; next trimester award amounts are viewed at MyNU Student Portal. See Student Accounts for more information.


Initial bills for registered courses are mailed out approximately two weeks prior to the start of a trimester. These are labeled UNOFFICIAL as course modifications are still possible.

You are responsible for submitting appropriate loan applications and forms to the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible. Loan proceeds are scheduled to arrive at the beginning of each trimester. Refunds are available from Office of Student Accounts the second week of the trimester.

Payment Policy

Full payment for tuition, fees and on-campus housing or satisfactory arrangements for payment must be made with Office of Student Accounts by the first day of classes in any trimester.

Student Accounts

View the Office of Student Accounts for more information on billing and payments.