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University Scholarships for Incoming New Students

National University offers several types of scholarships to students of all programs. Some scholarships reward academic achievement, some programs recognize Illinois residents or children of alumni, and other programs assist minority and international students. If you have questions about any of the scholarships listed or your eligibility for a particular scholarship program, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Miss Illinois Scholarship
NUHS will provide a full tuition scholarship to any of its academic programs for the winner of the official Miss Illinois pageant.

Multi-Family Benefit
Students attending NUHS who are from the same family household and concurrently enrolled are each entitled to a discount. Each student will receive a discount of his or her tuition based on 15% of the lower tuition charge as long as all family members are in good academic standing and are attending classes as full-time students in a degree-seeking program. An application must be completed by each family member when both meet the stated criteria in the same trimester; it is not retroactive to prior trimesters. Applications are available from the Office of Financial Aid. A complete description of the Tuition Discount for Multiple Family Members policy can be found on our  Policies page.