Financial Aid - Massage Therapy

Federal and State Grant Programs

Federal Pell Grant
A need-based grant awarded by the government to students determined to have high financial need. Awards vary based on the student's enrollment and the calculated EFC (Effective Family Contribution) printed on the FAFSA. For 2017-2018, eligible students may receive up to $2,960.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
A federal grant program awarded to students determined to have the highest financial need (lowest EFC). Limited funds are obtained from the government and awarded throughout the year. Eligible students may receive up to $250 per trimester.

Illinois State Grant Monetary Award Program (MAP)
A grant from the state of Illinois for Illinois residents who are enrolled at least half-time. For 2010-2011, eligible students may receive between $200 and $4,968. MAP funds are only available for fall and spring terms, and are awarded based on FAFSA submission date.

Note: Students with a prior bachelor's degree are not eligible for Pell, FSEOG, or MAP grant funds.