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National University prides itself on providing a campus that helps student excel. Our facilities include:

Gross Anatomy Lab
Top of the line gross anatomy lab where ND students learn human anatomy through full-cadaver dissection.

Anatomage Table
Life-size 3-D interactive Anatomage Table offers students, faculty, and clinicians access to an advanced digital visualization system to augment anatomy education.

Biochemistry Lab
Biochem lab where students learn basic sciences using latest equipment and technology.

Herbal Dispensary
Large and well-stocked herbal dispensary where students learn how to correctly choose and prepare botanical medicines, homeopathic remedies, physician-grade vitamins, whole food supplements, probiotics, and more.

Botanical Garden
Garden where students themselves plan and care for a variety of herbs and plants in order to better understand their medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Whole Health Center / Clinic
On-campus Whole Health Center clinic provides students the opportunity to work collaboratively with other health care students and practitioners in this integrative setting.

Hydrotherapy Suite
State-of-the-art hydrotherapy suite where students treat patients using the therapeutic benefits of water.

Training and Assessment Center
Through the use of the standardized patient program and digital recording technology, students are able to learn, practice, and be assessed on their diagnosis and patient interaction skills.

James F. Winterstein Library
A comprehensive James F. Winterstein Library, one of the largest medical libraries in the area, that houses a huge collection of books, print and electronic journals, ebooks, bibliographic databases, and more.