Admissions - Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Program

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Caruth Labs

Caruth HEC is home to our Physiology Lab and Anatomy Lab which are both equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

Library, Store, Cafe

Caruth HEC houses one of several SPC libraries, a bookstore, and cafeteria. In addition, our stufents have access to all the resources and amenities of SPC's campuses which include 8 libraries, 6 student cafes, 5 bookstores, and 4 wellness centers equipped with a variety of fitness equipment.

NUHS Clinis

At the NUHS Clinic students spend their internship under the supervision of a clinician serving the students, faculty and staff of St. Petersburg College and members of the University Partnership Center. A full range of primary care medical services are offered, including: lab tests, blood and urine testing, EKG, spinal and extremities manipulation, nutritional counseling, physiological therapeutic modalities, active rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercise.

Technique Lab

Students in Phase I of the program will utilize the Technique Lab at Caruth HEC, which provides a well-equipped setting for learning chiropractic technique.

TAC Center

The Treatment and assessment Center (TAC) at the Annex provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice diagnostic and patient relationship skills. The learning experience is enhanced through the use of digital video technology and interaction with standardized patients.

Annex Classrooms

You'll benefit from or modern laboratories and classrooms outfitted with the latest technology and equipment including interactive classrooms, Smart Boards, and technique tables.

Annex Labs

The NUHS Annex is home to our Phlebotomy Lab, Radiology Lab, and Technique Lab. Our state-of-the-art labs and equipment provide students with hands-on learning opportunities.


Classes at our Florida site are taught in two main buildings: Caruth Health Education Center (Phase 1, Terms 1-4) and the Annex (Phase 2, Terms 5-8). The Florida site is located in Pinellas Park, Florida, close to the vibrant city of Tampa.

Whole Health Center

The 7,000 square foot Whole Health Center offers 10 treatment rooms, a physical rehabilitation room, a classroom, and is just four blocks away from the main academic facilities used by the university and its DC students in Pinellas Park.