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Campus Life

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Campus Life

Where to Eat & Drink

Food Trucks

Throughout the spring, summer and fall, students and faculty have the opportunity to purchase lunch from a variety of food trucks that visit campus.

Open to the NUHS community and the public, trucks typically visit campus on Fridays. Trucks often have a variety of options to accommodate gluten-free and vegetarian diners.

Check the NUHS website for upcoming food truck days.

Campus Store

The National University Campus Store stocks class supplies, beverages, snacks and NUHS merchandise.

For a complete list of products and services available visit the Campus Store web page.

Where to Relax & Keep Fit

Eagles Nest

Open 24 hours a day, the Eagle’s Nest is a student social hub added to Janse Hall at the Illinois campus in 2014. The lounge is meant to serve as a study area both during and after classroom hours.

The Eagle’s Nest offers vending machines, microwave ovens, dry-erase boards, outlets for charging tech devices, both bar height and regular tables, and a wide variety of seating styles to choose from.

Fitness Center

Completely renovated in 2020, the fitness center features state-of-the-art equipment integrated with streaming services, virtual workout locations, and on-demand digital training expertise along with a spin room, stretching room, and locker rooms.

For more information, visit the fitness center web page.

Tri-Mixer, Tri-Games

National University hosts a variety of social events meant to encourage camaraderie and community among students. Every trimester, the student council of each campus organizes tri-mixers and tri-games, which brings together new and continuing students across all programs.

The location and activities vary every year but typically includes games and snacks to help students unwind after classes. Students and their families are invited to attend.

Turkey Bowl

Every year, students, faculty and staff at the NUHS Florida-site team up for a game of flag football that is also attended by family and friends. Since the first game in 2009, the Turkey Bowl has quickly become an annual tradition celebrating Thanksgiving, football and community.

Typically held the Friday before Thanksgiving, teams are picked at random for a single elimination tournament. Among other traditions, President Joe Stiefel provides the coin toss and pre-game pep-talk.

While the Turkey Bowl continues to evolve through the years, the game remains the most anticipated and celebrated tradition among NUHS Florida faculty and students.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Student Clubs and Organizations

NUHS clubs and organizations provide a great way to meet other students and explore your interests. In addition to group activities, many of our student organizations promote special events, lectures and activities for the entire NUHS community.

At the Illinois campus, there are over 20 active clubs dedicated to various health care specialties, community service, student professional organizations and common interests.

Club Lunch Day

Held every trimester, new and continuing students have the chance to explore and join multiple NUHS clubs and organizations during Club Lunch Day.

In the Student Center gym, officers of each club set up tables so they can speak with students one-on-one. Students also enjoy a catered lunch.

Postgraduate Learning Opportunities

At the Illinois campus, the NUHS Postgraduate Department hosts annual integrative conferences that gives various medical disciplines and members of the community an opportunity to learn about exciting research and clinical applications happening in the field. The events frequently feature internationally recognized experts and opportunities to collaborate with institution and discipline specific leaders.

NUHS students are able to attend these events at discounted rates.

Conferences held at National University in recent years include the Autoimmunity Conference, which discussed clinical approaches to multi-system diseases and the Nutrition Conference, which featured some of the most cutting edge, evidence-based information available about using food to treat various ailments.


Homecoming is a great opportunity for students, alumni and other members of the NUHS community to reconnect, network and learn. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, students can apply to be sponsored and attend the event free of charge.

During the weekend event, students can participate in a mentoring session where they can ask alumni questions and gain guidance on how to build successful careers. Students can also take advantage of a networking luncheon with various industry companies they may work with in their future careers.

The event is typically held on the Illinois campus and also features alumni activities along with continuing education courses.

Student-Sponsored Special Events


During CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) Day, students, faculty and staff explore various vendor services and products at the Illinois campus. The event exposes students in all NUHS programs to the products and services they may find useful when in practice.

Student Council Diversity Week

Each trimester, student clubs celebrate diversity by organizing a series of lectures and activities throughout the week.

The events are meant to help students better understand their patients and provide better care to a wider variety of demographics. Diversity Week also gives insight into the perspectives of patients’ medical choices based on gender, sexual orientation, race, and religion.

Self-Care Week

Self-Care Week reminds students of the importance taking breaks and participating in stress-reducing activities during their journeys toward becoming health care professionals.

During Self-Care Week, multiple student clubs and faculty members host events and talks about various methods of self-care and taking care of others. Activities may include chair massages, yoga or tai chi classes, board games, ping pong and basketball, all of which are meant to give students the opportunity to reset before the next round of studying begins.