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Clinic Internship Program

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Clinic Internship Program

Each ND student serves a full year clinical internship. National University offers many exciting internship options that give you the experience and confidence you need to prepare for your future as a physician.

At the National University Whole Health Center, you’ll learn first-hand how to practice naturopathic medicine as primary care medicine under clinical supervision. You’ll have access to professionals from other specialties, our residents, our faculty clinicians, as well as use of our diagnostic imaging and MRI facilities. You’ll also have access to our large herbal and supplement dispensary, holding a wide selection of dose specific homeopathic remedies, botanical medicines, tinctures, and herbs.

In addition to learning clinical applications of naturopathic medicine and proper documentation procedures, you will learn important personal and business skills you’ll need to help build your own practice.

We also offer a clinical rotation in homeopathic medicine, where you can spend one day each week of your clinic shift apprenticing under an expert in homeopathic medicine. The mentored experience will help you hone your skills in remedy selection and patient case management.

Your clinical experience can be completed at our on-campus Whole Health Center in Lombard.