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Science and Anatomy

acupuncture on hand

​The NUHS Advantage: Science & Anatomy

National University’s anatomy program is an ideal example of the productive integration of a western and eastern medical education.  The cadaver-based anatomy lab helps students get a three-dimensional understanding of the acupuncture points they will be needling on their future patients. In the lab, as students dissect the body through skin, superficial fascia, muscle and bone, they follow the point locations through each layer of tissue.

Students come away with a deeper understanding of all the anatomical structures their acupuncture needle is stimulating, and at which depths different tissue can be accessed by the needle. This way, students are able to practice better point location skills after graduation.

In this video, you’ll hear why third year MSOM student Jacob Suh is excited about learning anatomy from dissecting real human cadavers in the university’s gross anatomy laboratory, and how understanding the physiology and science behind oriental medicine gives him a greater perspective on patient care.

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