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If you have any questions, email us at postgrad@nuhs.edu or call us at 630-889-6622.

ACA Logo


Contact: Loretta George

Phone: (920) 905-4944

Email: lorettabrandl@yahoo.com

Web: aca-cdid.com

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Contact: Susan M. Yazvac

Phone: (386) 481-8657

Email: councilondiagnosticimaging@gmail.com

Web: aca-cdid.com

Event Page: http://www.cditoday.org/events/


American College of Chiropractic Consultants

Contact: Dr. David Cox

Phone: (219) 836-3141

Email: doccox@sbcglobal.net

Web: accc-chiro.com


American College of Clinical Electrodiagnosis (ACCE)

Contact: George Resnick

Phone: (833) 322-2339

Web: accedx.org

AIB Logo

The American Institute of Balance

Contact: Rebeca Prado

Phone: (727) 398-5728

Email: www.dizzy.com/contact-us

Web: dizzy.com

ASH Logo

American Specialty Health

Contact: Barbara Orr

Phone: (800) 972-4226

Email: www.ashcompanies.com/Contact

Web: ashcompanies.com

Apex Logo

Apex Energetics

Contact: Apex Seminars

Phone: (800) 736-4381

Email: info@apexseminars.com

Web: apexenergetics.com

AC Quebec Logo

Association des Chiropracticiens du Quebec

Contact: Marie-France Nadeau Lafortune

Phone: (514) 355-0557

Email: mfnadeaulafortune@chiropratique.com

Web: chiropratique.com/en/home.html

Avicenna LLC Logo

Avicenna LLC

Contact: Pia Al-Khafaji

Email: pia@avicenna.co.uk

Web: avicennamedgroup.com

ANA Logo

Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists

Contact: Debbie Slutzky

Phone: (708) 589-4837

Email: dslutzky@nutritionspecialists.org

Web: theana.org/certify

Hand_Foot Logo

Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America

Contact: Robert Fenell

Phone: (888) 505-9606

Email: info@handandfootclinics.com

Web: chiropractichandandfootclinics.com

MUA Logo

Cornerstone Professional Education, Inc. (MUA)

Contact: Robert C. Gordon

Web: gordonmua.com/mua-training

Cox Logo

Cox - F/D Enterprise LLC

Contact: Julie Cox-Cid

Phone: (260) 637-6609

Email: coxchiro@frontier.com

Web: coxtechnic.com

Erchonia Logo


Contact: Melissa Morningstar

Phone: (888) 242-0571

Email: mmorningstar@erchonia.com

Web: erchonia.com

Fetterman Logo

Fetterman Events

Contact: Kris Fetterman

Phone: (517) 983-2060

Email: fettermanevents@gmail.com

Web: fettermanevents.com/


Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Contact: David George

Phone: (912) 713-5917

Email: fnor@fnor.net

Web: fnor.net/

Graston Logo

Graston Technique, LLC

Contact: Becky Johnson

Phone: (888) 926-2727

Email: info@grastontechnique.com

Web: grastontechnique.com



Contact: Janet L Groschel

Phone: (480) 926-1115

Email: iafnr@aol.com

Web: iafnr.org

FxMed Logo

Impact Writing Solutions, LLC: FxMedOnline.com

Contact: Laurie Mueller

Phone: (309) 791-2421

Email: drmuelleronline@yahoo.com

Web: fxmedonline.myicourse.com/


Integrative Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation

Contact: William Tortoriello

Phone: (773) 972-6898

Email: wtortoriello@hotmail.com

Web: facebook.com/IMTRNeuro/

Kharrazian Logo

Kharrazian Institute

Contact: Bud Fawcett

Email: bud@budfawcett.com

Web: kharrazianinstitute.com/

Lockenour Logo

Lockenour DC, Inc., John D.

Contact: John Lockenour, DC

Phone: (386) 322 - 2544

Email: johnlockdc@yahoo.com

Web: johnlockenour.com


Marion Medical

Contact: John Lockenour, DC

Phone: (918) 749 - 3797

Email: drtaylor@marionmedicalpc.net

Web: marionmedicalpc.com/

Mckenzie Logo

Mckenzie Institute

Contact: Jonathan Soltys

Phone: (630) 258 - 4841

Email: jonathan.soltys@mckenzieinstitute.org

Web: mckenzieinstituteusa.org/

Merrick Logo

Merrick Center, LLC

Contact: John Merrick

Phone: (603) 493-8317

Email: spinesnh@yahoo.com

Web: merrickcs.org/

Morris Logo

Morris Consulting, PLLC

Contact: Andrea Morris

Phone: (828) 551 - 4540

Email: andreamorris@amorrisconsulting.com

Web: amorrisconsulting.com/

Motion Logo

Motion Palpation Institute

Contact: Steve King

Phone: (513) 321 - 8484

Email: MPI@ClinicalCE.org

Web: motionpalpation.org/

Performance Logo

Performance Place Sports Care

Contact: Sebastian Gonzales

Phone: (714) 502 - 4243

Email: seb@p2sportscare.com

Web: p2sportscare.com/

ProChiro Logo

Pro Chiropractic CE

Contact: Sebastian Gonzales

Phone: (714) 502 - 4243

Email: seb@p2sportscare.com

Web: p2sportscare.com/

ProHealth Logo

ProHealth Seminars

Contact: Virginia Kessinger, DC

Phone: (573) 341-8448

Email: virginia@drkessinger.com

Web: prohealthseminars.com

RED Project Management Corp Logo

RED Project Management Corp

Contact: Natalie Sidorkewicz

Phone: (226) 339 - 3635

Email: natalie@REDelivery.com

Web: redelivery.ca/

RockTape Logo


Contact: Jody Sinwald

Phone: (408) 912-7625

Email: jody@rocktape.com

Web: rocktape.com

Running Iron Performance Logo

Running Iron Performance

Contact: Ryan Hamm

Phone: (847) 368 - 3200

Email: rdhamm@sbcglobal.net

Web: runningiron.org/

SCU-Kinesio University Logo

SCU-Kinesio University

Contact: Camila Valdez

Phone: (505) 433 - 5119 Ext. 114

Email: cvaldez@kinesiotaping.com

Web: kinesiotaping.com/

Seminars in Chiropractic Research Logo

Seminars in Chiropractic Research

Contact: Marty Drybread, DC

Phone: (970) 663 - 3716

Email: drybread@dc-research.com

Web: dc-research.com/

FMU Logo

Sequoia Education Systems; Functional Medicine

Contact: Patty Bryan

Phone: (864) 346 - 5365

Email: fmu.pattib@gmail.com

Web: info.functionalmedicineuniversity.com/

Solutions Sports & Spine, Inc Logo

Solutions Sports & Spine, Inc

Contact: Phillip Snell

Phone: (503) 235 - 5484

Email: drphillipsnell@gmail.com

Web: drphillipsnell.com/

Standard Process Westcoast Logo

Standard Process Westcoast

Contact: Kim Eaves

Phone: (818) 660 - 2430

Email: kim@spwestcoast.com

Web: spwestcoast.com/

Target Coding Logo

Target Coding

Contact: Target Coding

Phone: (800) 270 - 7044

Email: info@targetcoding.com

Web: targetcoding.com/

The Running Clinic USA Logo

The Running Clinic USA

Contact: Kevin Maggs

Phone: (703) 618 - 1630

Email: trcusakevin@gmail.com

Web: therunningclinic.com/en

Vasyli Medical Logo

Vasyli Medical

Contact: Brian Noble

Phone: (865) 748 - 8562

Email: bnoble@vionicgroup.com

Web: vasylimedical.com/

The Wellness Way Logo

The Wellness Way

Contact: Crystal Early

Phone: (902) 429 -2844

Email: cearley@twwclinics.com

Web: thewellnessway.com/

Welltech, LLC Logo

Welltech, LLC

Contact: Steve Heckroth

Phone: (480) 204 - 8463

Email: welltechllc@gmail.com

Web: welltechresources.com/

Xymogen Logo


Contact: Xymogen

Phone: (800) 647 - 6100

Email: info@xymogen.com

Web: xymogen.com/