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Accelerated Program

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Accelerated Program

The Accelerated Program is 15 weeks long and comprised of two 8-week sessions. Courses are generally scheduled Monday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with an independent laboratory scheduled in Weeks 8-15 of the trimester at the student’s convenience.

Schedule: 8 Weeks

Course #CreditsDescriptionDays / Times
CHEM1113.0General Chemistry 1Mon & Wed / 5-8pm
CHEM1133.0General Chemistry 2Mon & Wed / 5-8pm

All course days/times are subject to change.

Course Descriptions

CHEM111 General Chemistry I – 3 Credits (6 hrs/wk lecture, 45 clock hours)
Foundations of chemistry, atoms and molecules. Principles of stoichiometry, chemical reactions, properties of gases, periodicity, and chemical bonding. Energy changes in chemical systems and electronic structure of atoms and molecules. Examination of the chemical reactivity of common elements, inorganic and organic compounds.
Prerequisite: None

CHEM113 General Chemistry II – 3 Credits (6 hrs/wk lecture, 45 clock hours)
Properties of liquids and solutions, and principles of acid-base equilibria, solubility and electrochemical processes. Examination of chemical kinetics and equilibria.
Prerequisite: CHEM111 or equivalent