Massage Therapy Program

Trimester-by-Trimester Curriculum

The Massage Therapy curriculum will ensure graduates have competency in basic sciences, ethical practices, wellness, clinical assessment, massage therapy, and clinical internship.

The Massage Therapy Certification Program requires a grand total of 705 clock hours.

Trimester 1

Course 225 Clock Hours / 11.5 Credit Hours
BIOL211 Anatomy & Physiology I: Fundamentals
BIOL212 Gross Anatomy Laboratory I
MT100 Introduction to Massage
MT111 Assessment I: Palpation
MT112 Assessment II: Clinical Pathology/Microbiology/Medical Terminology
MT121 Massage: Fundamentals
MT141 Ethical Practice Management I
MT171 Interpersonal Communication & Ethics

Trimester 2

Course 225 Clock Hours / 11 Credit Hours
BIOL213 Anatomy & Physiology II: Systems
BIOL214 Anatomy & Physiology III: Kinesiology
BIOL215 Gross Anatomy Laboratory II
MT131 Non-Western Medicine and Evidence Informed Practice (EIP)
MT222 Massage: Chair/Trigger Point/Sport
MT224 Massage: Special Populations
MT323 Clinic Internship I

Trimester 3

Course 225 Clock Hours / 10 Credit Hours
MT142 Ethical Practice Management II
MT225 Massage: Orthopedic/Syndromes/Chiropractic Setting
MT313 Assessment III: Signs/Symptoms/Systemic Conditions/Exam Procedures
MT325 Clinic Internship II
NU151 Wellness I: Nutrition
PT352 Wellness II: Rehabilitation/Therapeutic Exercise/Hydrotherapy
WELL126 Wellness II: Relaxation Therapies:Yoga/Qi Gong


Please Note: Students must successfully complete a minimm of one of the following electives offered by NUHS prior to graduation.

Course 30 Clock Hours / 1 Credit Hour
MT229 Massage: Advanced Fundamentals/Variations

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