Why National? Meet Our Graduates.

Meet Our Massage Therapy Graduates

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Autumn Hildreth - '17

Autumn Hildreth started the massage therapy program at National University to supplement a future career as a doula, a trained specialist who assists women during the birth process.

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Mark McCray - '02

Mark McCray spent about 12 years as a counselor for the Juvenile Department of Corrections before finding his calling as a massage therapist.

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Caitlin Spencer - '11

"National University definitely prepared me for the real world of massage therapy. The clinic experience at National is very much what it's like in a real clinic."

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Michael Bouvier - '03

"In my business, I've been able to interact with many massage therapists who come from other schools. I think National's caliber is higher. I recommend that people choose National for its anatomy training, the hands-on experience they'll have, the pathology classes, as well as National's business program."

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Lisa Patterson, BS, LMT - '06

Lisa runs a successful massage practice and was a recipient of the Mindful Metropolis Reader's Choice award for "best healing and wellness practitioner."

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Yolanda Schwarts - '04

"My decision to go to NUHS was after much research. I don't think I could have received the same education anywhere else. For me, National was the top!" After graduating from National, Yolanda began her own massage business in Warrenville, Illinois.

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Krista Soli - '06

"Employed at an integrative health clinic, Krista works with acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses, and psychotherapists. "This is exactly the career I wanted when I went to school. My degree from National definitely helped me get this job."